Thursday, 29 May 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies - Holiday Edition

Yep, we're just back from a glorious week of sunshine, rest and relaxation - you would think that would entail no rustling wouldn't you? Wouldn't you? 


Here's what's been rustling my jimmies, the holiday edition:

1. Watching Baggage Handlers HURL Your Meticulously Packed Case Into the Cargo Hold

 photo large_zps8cd96728.gif
2. When 'All Inclusive' Turns Out To Be 
'Only Gick Inclusive'

 photo regrets-gif_zpsc6fec16c.gif

3. Sunburned Babies

 photo tumblr_m78nd1mD6L1rb5dcbo1_500_zps06e18c8c.gif
4. Zero WiFi Coverage

 photo ThorNoIdea_zps4a01345b.gif

5. People That Continue to Leave Urgent Messages
 AFTER Hearing Your 'Out of Office' Voicemail

 photo tumblr_mdnykx2I181r3mten_zpscc6abf38.gif

Ahh, feeling better already. 

Tell me, can you relate? 

What's been rustling your jimmies this week? 


Catherine Jordan said...

Baggage handlers are evil! That is all...
As for sunburned babies, there's no excuse for that. The sun made an appearance by the sea on Sunday and I slapped the factor 50 on our boy and that was in the UK!

shiv said...

i got caught with the all-inclusive was unsure which was wine n which was vinegar(shivers) never again !!as for wifi places even charge you now !!!

Makeup Monster said...

Great choices, our jimmy rustler is that we have no money for a holiday haha!

Sharon Leavy said...

Haven't left the country since 2004 (GO ME!!) so no holiday ones, but sunburn on anyone makes me livid, how stupid are you? The way people wear it as a badge of honour is just sick. Also high on my jimmy list this week were several pages I had to remove myself from on Facebook (radio/TV talk shows) due to them giving me the rage whenever I logged on. I have never seen as many stupid, racist, sexist, ignorant people in one place before. And none of them can spell.