Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Modcloth - Vintage and Indie Online Mecca for Clothing, Accessories & Decor Now Ship to Ireland!

Based in San Fran and firm favourite of fashion youtubers and bloggers alike, Modcloth was one of those online stores that I always wished I could get my grubby mitts on. Well guess what, vintage and vintage inspired lovers, now we can! I learned over the weekend that not only do Modcloth ship to Ireland but they have one of the most efficient and friendly customer service teams I've ever dealt with. 

A home to indie fashions, vintage fashion and impossibly quirky and cute decor, there is bound to be something on site to tickle your sartorial pickle. I've pulled out just a handful of my favourites, save completely reblogging the entire site for you to peruse as a taster. 


Scrub a Dub Shower Curtain: $44.99
This trés fashionáblé shower curtain is exactly what I'd have in my en suite IF I HAD ONE. The bright design would lift any room and add a little charm to a space where generally there is none. The heavy cloth would mean no more shower curtain sticking to me either - a daily rustler of my jimmies. I want this. I want it bad. 

Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Peacock : $89.99
 Here's what I blahhdy love about Modcloth, their client base is so large that there are customer reviews on almost every product. Even better? Those customer reviews include pictures of said product being worn by said customer so you get to see exactly how it looks on a real, sans photoshop and sans perfect lighting person. Isn't. That. Deadly? 

Sizes run to 5XL in some of the Plus Size clothing (EXACTLY the same designs as the regular sized clothing) so there's no need to feel as though you're missing out should you be of fuller figure. 

Modcloth also use this vast client base to gauge what is popular and use that info to bring items back that people want, again, customer service genius. See this peacock swimsuit? 

Sleek Silhouette Scarf Organizer: $17.99
Which of us isn't a scarf fiend? Isn't this just something you'd happily hang in or ON your wardrobe? Truth be told I'd need several to store my collection but at that price? 
I'm OK with that. 

If You Can't Stand the Hoot Lunch Bag: $21.99
This stinkingly cute lunch bag may just be winging it's way (geddit?) to me right now. I can confirm nor deny NATHIN'!

Playful Pals Earrings: $9.99
Just. Look. At. Them. 

I can't even talk about the Modcloth jewellery section, I've filled and deleted my virtual basket so many times it's not even fun any more. It's an illness. 

But you go. Go and see!

Pull Up a Cherry Dress in White : $64.99
Oh. My. Daze. 

See this? This is what Modcloth do so very, very well. Gorgeously made, amply sized (up to 3XL) and mouth wateringly gorgeous. Had I the nerve this Pull Up a Cherry gúna would be on my body this very weekend. Do please check this listing out as you will see the scores of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes looking sensational in this cherry number. 
I just... It's just.. *swoons*

As I say, I could literally reblog the entire site but there's really no need. Go, please and discover Modcloth for yourself - shop by decade, shop by occasion or shop by heart, there is literally something there for everyone. 

I like to imagine this is where Zooey Deschanel shops, I like to imagine that this is where Amelie, were she in fact real would shop. There's just something very fun about it. That and the fact that you'll get 10% off your first order just by asking on the Live (24/7) chat option. 

I should point out, I haven't been sponsored or paid in any way for this post, I just want ALL the things...

What do we make of Modcloth then? 


Claire said...

This is literally the best thing I've read this week. Or worst where my finances are concerned

Unknown said...

Oh it's all so cute especially the dress and the lunch bag.

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I love modcloth but I'm pretty sure I paid a small fortune in delivery charges..that was a couple of years ago though.

Mark Lense said...

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