Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery - Do Snobby Sales Assistants Actually Boost Sales? Have Your Say!

Morning all and welcome back from the abyss that was a bank holiday weekend. Was yours lovely? 

Today I want to chat about something that has been cropping up all across meadia outlets since a new study by The Journal of Consumer Research was released last month and to be published this October. 

Apparently snooty sales assistants can BOOST sales when it comes to luxury products and services. 

Of course my reaction is: 

 photo no-gif_zps59a5a8f2.gif

But just have a look at some of the anecdotal evidence to prove otherwise and tell me, if you're treated like rubbish in a high end store would you make a purchase? 

If you've been treated poorly by snotball sales assistants several times would you return to that counter? 

I have to tell you, while I'm sure Julia Robert's Pretty Woman got her thrills from returning with Dicky Gere's credit card to be maxed, there's no way and no how I'd be handing over my hard earned eurobux if the customer service isn't right. 

What do you think? 

Let's Chat!


Felicity said...

I worked largely in various roles requiring customer service most of my working life, and I always treated customers the way I'd like to be treated - well. Given the number of sales awards I won (and more snotty colleagues DINT) I would contest those findings from empirical evidence.

I'm not the swaggiest of bods - between the disabled kids and volunteering with animals I've been known to trot into all sorts of places stinking and splattered. If the sales assistant treats me badly, I leave and I NEVER go back. The end. I don't have time for that shite. And yes, I have done the Pretty Woman thing - once. Never ignore a woman with a grand in cash on her just 'cos her jeans are ripped and she only has mascara on one eye!

Roses and Rockets said...

I think if I was a teen I probably would but now that I understand the value of working for my own money I would not boost their sales!

Breedao said...

I would be less likely to spend my money and more likely to tell all and sundry about my bad experience - as roses says - if I'm spending my hard earned moolah I want proper service and that goes for any shop not just high end