Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - High Shine Without the UV Light! #OMGel

I make no secret of the fact that I'm not a gel nails fan, nor shellac, nor gellish, nor any other polish that requires buffing my nail bed and frazzling my fingers under a lamp just to set. I am, however, a wanton mare when it comes to a high shine finish. Cue Sally Hansen stepping up with the answer to all of my highfalutin' nail ways with their new Miracle Gel collection. #OMGel is right. 

I've shared my grá for gel effect polishes before, Nails Inc and your €19 price tag, I'm looking at you. With this Sally Hansen line we're looking at something different though. How's about an expert tells us exactly what that is: 

"Miracle Gel is distinguished by its photoinitiator in the topcoat that forms with the oligomer in the color polish, producing the shine resembling a gel manicure that lasts up to 14 days."

Let me break that down for you and I: two coats of your favourite colour and one swish of the top coat create a gel texture that would not only take the eye out of your head with shine but will also stay in place for up to two weeks. Win, right?

Sally Hansen's Polish Naming Game is STRONG!
Another ha-YOOGE plus with this new line is the removal process. Gone are the days of tin foil witch fingers to remove your gel , this Miracle Gel formulation is removed with your very own common or garden remover. No soaking, no scraping, no buffing, no messing. 

You know I'll never see you wrong when it comes to nail polish recommendations and 'run far aways' - remember the Red Carpet Manicure, anyone? I'll need to wear my fingers about the place to report back on actual longevity of wear for Miracle Gel but first impressions are hugely favourable. 

Game of Chromes (BEST NAME EVAR) & All Chalked Up
All 18 shades will be hitting Sally Hansen stockists from mid September priced at €9.99 each or €14.99 for the colour/topcoat duo. Take that, extortionate gel polishes!

Are you a gel nails fan? Reckon Sally Hansen have it right with these? 

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