Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Thursday Chattery - The Blogger Disclaimer Debate - Is It Advice or Advertisements?

Morning All!

Something a little bit controversial this morning, whether you're a Youtuber or a fan of beauty channels. 

I was linked to this vid during the week and it raised some really interesting debate with pals so I'd love to know your thoughts - check it out: 

Yes, that's some kick ass editing but what do we think of the underlying message? 

As a beauty blogger, when there's a PR drop for a new product you'll see it pop up everywhere and there's only so many ways to describe a mask. If you were to splice blogposts together I'm sure you'd find similar, no?

It is alleged that these gals (hands up I'm a big EssieButton fan!) were paid to feature this product yet when you watch the video each clearly state that they bought them. 

I don't value someone's opinion more or less because they parted with cash for a product but if they've been paid to feature it or even scripted in their review - yeah I want to know. 

So what do you think? Advice or Advertisement? 

Let's Chat!

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