Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday's Moments - 23/02/15

Morning, All! 

How did the weekend treat you then? Did you stay up for the Oscar's? All in all they didn't do too badly, though it's a shame American Sniper received anything but mockery. 

As for Moments that mean my Monday is far from blue? There are many: 

1. Corrina Making it to Dublin by the Skin of Her Teeth for the Opening Night of STOMP!

2. Bringing Mam Event Hopping on Thursday 

3. Spending The 50 Shades Press Night 
Heckling With Everyone Else

4. Adam Humbly Sailing Through 
His Leaving Cert Mocks!

5. Getting an Early Birthday Present of 
Tickets to Krakow!

And that right there is why my Monday is going pretty blahhdy well right now. 

Tell me, what are you grateful for on this fine snowy morning then? 

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