Thursday, February 26, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Morning, All, how has the week treated you thusfar? 

For those of you new to these parts, and it seems there's quite a few *waves maniacally* Thursdays are when we unrustle our jimmies. You know those pesky annoyances that make you want to cut someone? Anyone? Well on Thursdays we rid ourselves of those feelings of stabbiness through the magical medium of gif & look forward to the week anew. It's cathartic. Ready? 

1. Twitter's Attempt to Force the Cricket World Cup Down Everyone's Throat!

2. 'All I Ask is that You Include One Link to Our Site'

3. Google Adsense Stalling For Weeks on End

4. Torrential Rain As Soon As I Put My Runners On!

5. Breda O Brien Being Asked Anything. Ever. 

C'est Ca - that's how the rustled become the unrustled. 

Tell us, can you relate? What's been all up in your jimmies this week? 

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