Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Estée Lauder's Little Black Primer

Every so often a beauty product launches that's so simple in its design that you wonder why it hasn't been released many, many moons before and many times over. Black lash primer for example, yep we've all lashed on its white counterpart with gusto and marvelled at the results but black? Why hasn't this been done before. Not only have Estée Lauder taken a simple product idea with their upcoming Little Black Primer but they've executed that idea brilliantly. 

Marketed as a little black dress for your lashes, I'd offer that it's more like little black spanx. Once in place, this tinted lash primer keeps everything in its place with zero effort. Short lashes are extended, sparse lashes given volume and cheaper mascaras made waterproof with Little Black Primer applied as a seal. Seriously. I tried!

While I've yet to use a lash primer that comes close to this Estée Lauder offering, and there have been many, I honestly believe the true beauty in this primer is the subtle tint. Applied directly to lashes and worn alone, it gives the most beautiful 'your lashes but better' effect. Perfect for fuss free make up days. 

It was only when audibly admiring my almost naked lashes that Adam piped in 'You know that'd be great for guys that wanted to wear mascara without wearing mascara' and you know what? It would. This tiny tube seems to have a very many uses for very many people. 

Little Black Primer has been available exclusively at Boots since January and with a price tag of €26 we'll see it launch nationwide this March. Will you be picking one up? 

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