Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup in Purple Riot - Pictures & Review

When it comes to teen rebellion there's no denying I've gotten away very lightly with the two Gorgebags. With them reaching 18 & 19 this year, I'm touching all the wood that it remains exactly that way. When Aaron announced this month though that he's always wanted purple hair, I faltered. Cue Redken sending out a hair makeup missive that very day and me acceding that him being a Color Rebel in his college years is really not that rebellious at all. 

Redken's Color Rebels come in 5 high fashion shades for an almost instant change in hair (and attitude). The ideal taster for purple locks for the lad before he full on committed to the bright side. Formulation is seriously fluid in its application with a sponge tip applicator and free flowing colour - much like a fancy shoe polish - for your bonce. 

Once applied, the colour is sealed into the hair using heat (just your hairdryer) and can be styled to suit your taste. Once dried in, the smudge proof, transfer proof colour will last up to two washes (spaced out for longevity). 

No fear of unwanted permanence though as, if you're not entirely happy with the results you can instantly remove the colour with oil based shampoos. 

So what thought our boy of Redken's Color Rebel Purple Riot? 

'I'm very impressed, though I didn't care much for the sponge applicator. It wouldn't stay attached to the bottle so made applying messier than it needed to be. I loved how quickly the colour showed up though, all in all my hair was done in 15 minutes. 

While the bottle says to style as you wish, my hair was very stiff with the makeup so I didn't really have a choice in style, just as well I was going for a peak. The purple was much more pronounced than I expected for a temporary makeup and lasted a full five days, without fading or flaking but I did notice some purple smudging on my pillow. 

Overall I'd definitely recommend Color Rebel for those wanting to test a hair colour before taking the plunge or for one off parties or festivals. It's a great price for students on a budget too.'

And there we have it, there may have been some hiccups but Aaron is absolutely a fan, so much so that he did take the plunge and went permanently purple that very week (see below). Well as permanently as you can do anything at 19. I'll definitely be giving the hot pink a bash for highlights come summertime having seen his results. 

Taking the Plum Plunge using Shwarzkopf XXL Live (€6.99) (thanks to his Mamma!!)
You'll find the five Redken Color Rebel shades HERE for €23.05 a pop. Would you be tempted? 

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