Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L'occitane Almond Velvet Serum & Balm - Review!

Amande Velvet Serum, Amande Velvet Balm

I try not to gush about products here on CherrySue but when one of your all time favourite brands releases a more luxurious version of one of your all time favourite products then you best believe gushing's gonna happen. L'occitane's Almond Velvet Youthful Body Duo are the posher older sisters new to the cult favourite and personal Holy Grail Almond collection and they couldn't be lovelier. 

Three new patents are combined to pack a powerful skincare and anti-aging punch with these body care beauties. Almond proteins from the almond fruit for lifting and toning. Almond buds united with rose buds for skin refinement and almond leaf cells, which can promote synthesis of Collagen and Elastin. This active complex works on five signs of ageing: dryness, lack of firmness, lack of tone, fine lines and irregularities in skintone.

Loccitane Almond Velvet
This lightweight, heavenly scented serum is the first of its kind for L'occitane. Pairing the almond active complex (the science bit above) with vitamin C, makes this easily absorbed anti-aging serum an absolute joy to use. Immediately my skin was smoother and with a couple of weeks use the difference is notable. 

I can't attest to a reduction in fine lines as the lines on my boddeh are anything but 'fine' but my skin tone is noticeably brighter. I've been more inclined to wear shorter sleeves as a result and that's always a great thing, especially coming into the warmer/muggier months.
I legitimately never thought I'd use an anti-aging body serum in my lifetime but only last night caught myself holding this weighty bottle to my night light to gauge when I might need another. At €46, it's not cheap for a veritable frippery but I can see myself using this (from the waist up anyway) (I'm weird like that) for the forseeable. 

Almond Milk Concentrate is and always has been a HG body product of mine. There have been ructions 'round Casa Cherry way when I find a large shovel hand amount has been gouged from the latest pot, though I don't deny the Gorgebags their luxuries (the spoiled gits). I must have bought those jars back to back for about 8 jars now so when I say that Amande Velvet Balm is Almond 2.0, please know that I don't say that lightly. 

With a more delicately powdered scent than its predecessor, Velvet Balm melts into and comforts the skin like no product I've used before. I've found myself showering just so I can apply it to fresh skin and enjoy that experience all over again. The actives that target the five signs of aging truly are the cherry on top for me, hence the review after just 3 weeks. Of course I'll report back with any breathtaking skin changes but for now it truly is about the experience of this Balm. 

Think of this duo as the posher older sisters of the Almond range, you know the ones that travel the world and give the best pressies? Everyone's favourite kind. While I'll certainly be repurchasing the original Almond Milk Concentrate for the lads (it's a fave of theirs too), Almond Velvet Balm is firmly on the repurchase list for Mama as soon as this jar is devoured.  

Tell us, are you an Almond Collection fan? Reckon you'll give this new duo a trial? 

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