Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Visiting Wales ~ The Blaenavon Ironworks

Last week I told you about our visit to the Big Pit in Wales, this week I’ll tell you about another attraction just up the road from the Big Pit. Blaenavon Ironworks is a World Heritage Site, dating back to 1789, it has the best preserved blast furnace in the world. 

In the early nineteenth century at the height of the industrial revolution Blaenavon Ironworks was the most important producer of Iron in the world.
We really loved the hands on history of the Ironworks. The reconstructed company shop & workers dwellings are fantastic, it’s like they haven’t been touched by the hands of time. Our children had a great time on our free self guided tour of the Ironworks. 

Some of the workers cottages were refurbished for the award-winning BBC series Coal House which was set in the 1920’s. More of the cottages were refurbished for a spin off show Coal House at War, this time they were decorated as 1940’s houses.

It’s very surreal & feels like your snooping as the cottages are set up like the families are just out at work for the day. Meanwhile we’re in having a look at their kitchens & bedrooms complete with family photos of that era on the walls. Highly educational and fascinating! Opening hours are generally 10am – 5pm Entry and parking are free, there are picnic tables should you wish to bring a picnic. 

Tell us, have you been to the Ironworks in Blaenavon? Would you consider it on a furture trip? 

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