Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 18/05/15

Morning, All! Was your weekend as lightening fast as ours? I'm guessing yep. No matter, it's Monday & with Monday comes Moments to be grateful for. There's been plenty 'round these parts of late: 

1. Finally Giving My Hair THE CHOP! 

2. Having a (now rare) Family Date Night for 
Eats & Mad Max!

3. Giving me a Fab, Impromptu Makeover at an Overnight Vintage Tea Party Event!

4. Adam's Last Day in School EVER!

5. Aar Graduating his Computer Tech & Multimedia Diploma with Distinction!

It's been mostly about Mi familia this week and you know what? That's a Moment in itself. We've worked bloody hard together to get to this point in our lives and I couldn't be prouder of the lads. It honestly feels like we're heading into the next stage of our lives and that's more than a little emosh to think about. The years have flown!

Tell me, what are you feeling grateful for this week? It chases away the blues - I swear!

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