Thursday, May 07, 2015

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

You know it's been a good week when you forget that rustled jimmies need to be collated for the following day. As good a week as it's been - THERE ARE JIMMIES RUSTLED: 

1. When the Lift Door Opens & Some GickNah
is Standing w Their Buggy RIGHT AT THE DOOR!

2. Justifying a High End Beauty Splurge 
with the Points You'll Earn 
& the Assistant Not Swiping Your Card!

3. Waiting to Try on a Blouse in a M&S Changing Room When an Octogenarian Comes Out Wearing it ~ LOOKING FABULOUS!

4. When Netflix asks 
'Are you STILL Watching Drag Race?'

5. The Fact that Kate Middleton had to have a Full Face & a Curly Blow Dry when her Undercarriage was, 
Most Likely, About to Fall Out!

Tell me, can you relate? What kind of rustling is going on in your world this week? 

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