Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dupe Alert: MAC Superb Given a Run for it's Shimmery Money with TopShop's Horizon Highlight!

Highlight MAC Dupe

If there's one thing I like more than a good highlighter it's a blahhdy good dupe for a higher end highlighter and TopShops Horzon is exactly that. I heard whisper that it was a MAC Soft and Gentle pretender, a brightening skin finishing highlight, the yen for which I've never given in to. On closer inspection though, it's not. On further inspection and on the much brighter side, it's a very close match to MAC stunner and one of my all time favourite highlighters, Superb. You can read my full post on that HERE. 

TopShop Horizon: £10 HERE
Swatched lightly this warm toned highlight adds bronzed luminosity to paler skin but the darker toned lovelies among us, or even those with an already bronzed visage will apply liberally and LOVE it. While in the pan it's not a direct dupe for the MAC fave, Superb, once this richly pigmented highlight is applied the magic happens. 

If you're bemoaning missing out on Superb or even Estée Lauder's predecessor in the Illuminating Gelee then you need to get yourself on the hunt for this bargainous highlighting beauty.  

Speaking of on the hunt, I do have to mention, as is my wont, that I've had a love/hate relationship with TopShops makeup for the longest time. I love almost everything that I've gotten my mitts on, as this quick Google search will show you but it's the inflated price for limited stock here in Ireland that rustles my jimmies on the regular. 

Why? Why when we live just 40 minutes away do you have to do us like this, TopShop? I wouldn't mind if their products were mediocre but Horizon here proves, once more, that they're not. They're really very good and that's a shame because they are missing out on an entire untapped market of beauty lovers in our little Republic. 

Tell us, will you be hunting down this highlight? Do you think I'm being unfair on TopShop and, most importantly, do you know of a well stocked shop in the good ol' ROI? Spill!

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