Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Wrinkle Treatment No 25 ~ Cherry Pick of the Week!

While Bobbi Brown is not a brand I've featured heavily before, it's always been one that's been floating around my makeup drawers. Aside from Charlotte Tilbury's Bronze & Glow, Bobbi's Shimmer Brick is the only luxe highlighter I've ever parted with hard earned cash for. I got to meet the PR Gals this Summer and you better believe I was intrigued by Bobbi Brown Remedies collection. They're targeted solutions for any skin issues, this week's Pick of the Week is the one (of seven) I've been trialling for several weeks now, the new Skin Wrinkle Treatment, No 25. 

I may not be 'on brand' to say that, to me, No 25 is literally the poshest Polyfilla I've ever experienced. You're supposed to use 2-3 dabs of this lightly viscous cream to your cleansed skin, after serum & before moisturiser to blur fine lines & wrinkles; but also to stimulate natural collagen production, which in turn works to plump and smooth your skin. 

I don't know about the collagen production thus far (5 weeks of daily use later) but I DO KNOW that using Skin Remedies specifically on my crow's feet & forehead creases (I raise my brows a lot) has made a marked difference in both my makeup application and the overall appearance of both sets of lines. 

I've had more than 3 comments this past fortnight about how few wrinkles I sport (for a 39 1/2 year old). I'm putting that down to two things, gin and Bobbi Brown. 

Formulated with natural ingredients Mukul Myrrh Tree Root Extract to increases lipid storage and Mimosa Tree Extract, Soybean Protein & Kombucha Black Tea Ferment - that's the collagen stimulator at 14ls, she may be small but boy is she mighty. 

Suitable for all skin types, specifically those in need of plumping & smoothing, and distinctly fragrance free, I cannot recommend Bobbi Brown Remedies Skin Wrinkle Treatment No 25 , Smoothing, Plumping & Repair more. You'll find it on counter in BTs or online HERE for €35. 
Have you tried Bobbi Brown skincare before? Would you be tempted by this? 


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