Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cherry Pick of the Week - Bell X1- Manic Monday

Cherry Pick of the Week this week is an uncovered, unplugged Manic Monday by the ever gorgeous Bell X1. They performed this live for the Strawberry Alarm Clock morning show this week.

I've been a fan of these dudes for donkeys, back to the Juniper days when Damien Rice was the front man.

Have seen them live several times, their Flock Tour being the most memorable, they're one of the best Irish bands out there. Should you get the chance to see them, GO!

How could you not love Noonan's dulcet tones here, eh?


Anne-Marie said...

lovely to meet you yesterday Susan!

Sue Jordan said...

& you Anne-Marie, you looked fab!

You should have stuck around for a cheeky tipple ;)