Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday's Moments - 31/10

Oooh, Halloween... Wherever you are, hoping this day finds you well. As Monday's go, Bank Holidays are my favourites, no blues here but I so still have 5 moments of rockage that need to be shared. Read on, if you will...

1. Lemme see those Jazz Hands!

As any of you, not living under a rock or that live in Ireland will know, this past week Dublin saw some of it's worst flash flooding in years. No, that's not my moment, my moment came when leaving my Mother's I glanced down the side street and spotted a young lad no more than seven. It was pelting with rain and this young lad was walking along the footpath singing at the top of his lungs, stamping his foot into an enormous puddle to the beat and breaking his heart laughing. 

There was no one around, just him in his own little world entertaining the bejesus of himself (& me). Fair play, kid, fair play. 

2. Ehm, that's not a Smile!

At an event during the week I got talking to a lovely lady (who shall remain nameless) about how we react to photographs. I shared the story of how every childhood photo of me basically looks like cousin IT in a headlock by my loving father, so loathe was I to get into the shot. (True Story). I recalled a story of another lovely blogger who has the belief that she turns into Chandler when the camera snaps, you know squinty, hilarious Chandler. She doesn't. 

Lady in question proceeds to tell me that she can't quite help throwing shapes, full on, tongue out, eyes crossed shapes. What? We're all mad? She explained that her lovely little girl does it too. Couple of days later a snap of her little princess shows up in my timeline. Complete with crazy tongue out pose. I snorted coffee down my nose. Yup, we're all mad. 

3. Excuse me, Sir, Could you Repeat your Middle Name?

We know by now that my gawjus new nephew is called Cillian, right? Do we also know the rest of his names? My number 3 moment comes this week following a mms of his birthcert sent by my Sis. 'Cillian Richard Susan Stone'. I'm absolutely chuffed and honoured, future him is absolutely gutted. I have little doubt that he will break all records such as the one above when he realises. 

Until then, how cute? Eh? 

4. Silver Lining, Anyone? 

I spent the guts of last week being sick. Strep throat to be precise and it wasn't pretty. What a waste of sick leave, eh? Normally though, because I'm contactable by work mobile my sick leave or annual leave or any kind of leave is never, ever paid attention to. 

Not so with strep throat, it was physically impossible to answer the phone. I'm not talking Kelly ringing X Factor and speaking through her sleeve, I'm talking no croak, no voice, no nothing. After the initial panic of 'What will they do without me?!' Came the zen state of 'Let's see, shall we?'. 3 days incommunicado = bliss. (Apart from the lurgy)

5. No Glenroes here!

Finally my number five, which should really be number one. If you're in Ireland and not working shift you may be able to relate to this one. Today is our Bank Holiday. Yarrgghhh.

This is a moment that kept on giving last night. As the opening tune to every Sunday night programme I watch starts, so too, usually, does the sinking feeling of another Monday looming. Several times I remembered afresh. 'Ahhh'. Don't get me wrong, I love the job and, for the most part, I love to start a week fresh but I'd have to be a loon NOT to love a Bank Hollier. And I'm no loon. (Mostly)

So that's me, still in my bajamers and eating rings around ourselves, thems the rules for days off. What's been tickling your funny bone this week, folks? 

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