Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monday's Moments - 03/10

For shame for another late installment but had a good excuse this week, he's featured in number 5!!

My week has been full of ups this time round so there were hard decisions to make but here we are:

1. Family Night Out - Kerpoww!

Arriving back to office last week I was greeted with this cryptic post it (cryptic post its are my fave kind) One look at it my instant thought was:

Turns out Batman was the lovely Darragh from Yay.ie with tickets for the Batman Live show in the O2 that night! Not only did he give me two tickets but had heard about the blog so gave us 3. We had the most enjoyable family night out that we've had in yonks. And we have some doozies. Unexpected awesomeness? Awesome.

2. Evil, Hilarious Genius

Jus' chillin' waitin' on Mary

You know I'm a fan of snorty laughter, right? This week I heard something so funny I still get a shaky, smiley head thinking about it.

Discussing with a work pal how I *may* have moved house in the Sims before, without y'know bringing my children with me... Wha?! It's a game & they were brats! She made the funniest revelation I've yet to hear about her son. When he tired of his Sim wife he waited till she was asleep & SOLD THE STAIRS & waited for the inevitable conclusion! Bahahaha, how evil a genius do you have to be to even think of that?

I won't name names (or call the ISPCC) but you know who you are! Raising hilarious kids? You're doing it right.

3. Oh Hai!

Friday night was spent with some of the loveliest Gals I've had the good fortune to meet through the Blogosphere. It was the Beaut.ie Jane Eyre & Jinkies meet up that turned into Crazy, Stupid Love & pitcher after pitcher of cocktails meet up.

We had a seriously good night. My one moment in all of it? Realising that some people (that make you laugh every day) are actually warmer, funnier & downright crazier in real life. Now that rocks. 

4. To ELLE with it!

No, that doesn't spell what you think it spells...

My laaahvely Sis in Law on her recent trip home brought me a torn article from ELLE where they are searching for new writers. The topic was 'An event that has shaped your life'.

Having thought about it for quite a while I decided I'd bite the bullet and enter. My submission is a letter to 19 year old me (aprés Gorgebags being born) to advise myself of things that have happened and that have yet to.

It may not be what they're looking for but I've genuinely never found an exercise as cathartic as that. Its made me take stock of the amazing journey we've made, shown me how different our lives are now & given me huge enthusiasm for the road ahead. Highly recommended y'all.

5. All Hail the Newest Egg!

Look at those cheeks!

Finally, the little pink bundle of joy that has delayed my Monday's Moments. How selfish? Folks, please meet Cillian Stone, my newest & squishiest nephew, born to my wonderful Sis & her hubby tonight.

I couldn't be prouder of her, seriously, I was in charge of her 3 little 'uns today & I need a valium. I have no notion how she does it. She is a Mammy Supreme with boundless energy and the biggest heart I know. Of course there's room for one more little hoglet.

Congrats Sis, once again you've knocked it out of the park xx

Granted unless you're reading this from the States, Hi if you are *waves*, it'll be Toosdy before you see this. But do please let me know what's great in your world this week?

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Gráinne said...

He's such a cutie, congrats to your family on his arrival :D