Saturday, 15 October 2011

Essence Alert! Foiling the Big Boys - Again!

You read that right, Essence have done it again. Foil look polishes are what all the best dressed talons are wearing this season & if you take my advice you'll hotfoot it to your local Essence supplier and pick these little beauties up.

We all know I have a bit of a polish piggery problem going on, so for comparison purposes I've pulled a couple of my favourite foils for you to peruse:

Essence Icy Princess €1.29, TopShop Starlight (Identical dupe) €7, Chanel Graphite €21

I've favourited this TopShop number for quite a while now, pishahing Barry M's Silver Foil in it's favour but Essence's Icy Princess is an astonishing dupe for 1 sixth of the price? No brainer!

Essence Shiny Goddess€1.29, Barry M 320 Foil, Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure €8.29

I have a couple of gold offerings and I am partial to Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure awesomeness but Essence is actually the brightest, foiliest of the three. Barry M is listed as a foil but disappointingly matt on the nail.


If you like your foils you got to get 'em, you got gots to get 'em!

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