Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Gorgeous to Go - Get on it!

I've often quoted and consistently admired the gawjus gurus over at Beaut.ie that are the McDermott sisters. Their site has been an inspiration to the nation for 5 years now, not only that but it is a warm & welcoming Blathering community that acts as an online daily meetup for Beauties all round the world.

So imagine the chuffage to hear that Aisling is due to release her second beauty bible imminently! (14th October)

Gorgeous to Go offers tried and tested recommendations, insider tips and make up secrets. As an A5, perfect mála size and purse friendly dinky price at €12.99 this buke has a serious look of stocking filler (not to mention self gift!). Don't say you weren't informed, folks.

For those of you within doable distance of Dublin this Saturday there is a treat in store. The Girls are holding a fabulous launch in BT Grafton St at 2pm and these Pretties know how to do a party!

Fabulous buke, fabulouser people and the possibility of a goody bag? How could you not jump at the chance? Throw an oul email to the girls if you're interested in attending & I might just see ye there!

Pic & vid courtesy of Beaut.ie


Dollyrouge said...

see you there missis! excited to see ya :)

Breige said...

I'm making the big trip up to Dublin for this!

Sue Jordan said...

Fabulous Breige! Be great to see you again :)

It's on, Ladies <3

Unknown said...

I really want to head into town for this but I have noting to wear and brown Thomas always makes me feel like a hobo!

Sue Jordan said...

Ah, Sarah, that's crazy talk!

We're all going to be there, so you won't feel left out, the more the merrier :)

Think about it x

Anonymous said...

I sure will be there :)