Friday, October 28, 2011

NYC - Cheaper than Chips but just as Tasty!

Have you seen the latest from NYC budget beauty brand yet? If not, you're in luck!

I had the very lovely honour to be invited along to the swanky Morrison during the week to check out some of their new range and celebrate the fact that this fab affordable brand is now available in Penney's. Be afraid, Essence, be very afraid.

Some of the new After Dark range

First up we have the new shadow palettes IndividualEyes, which cater specifically for your eye colour. Green, Blue or Brown. These palettes for €3.99(!) contain all you need for a custom smokey or more subtle look. They include a primer and highlighter and a nifty how to guide on the back of the box for the less shadow abled amongst us. 

IndividualEyes are only available in Ireland and a definite must have if you're wanting an affordable way to play about with the 'Colour me Beautiful' ways of Smashbox et al for complimenting shadows with súiles. Have to say I likes 'em. The Gals over on managed to get a couple of shots of  a finished look using them so be sure to check that out

Next, the much anticipated Creme Blush Stick. These come in two shades (Plaza Pink & Big Apple Blush) for €3.49. They're a soft and blendable formulation that's really easy to work with. One swish for a subtle colour or they work brilliantly as a blush primer for your own favourite powder blush. Big Apple Blush + Benefit's Coralista = Da Bomb. Fact. 

The ShowTime Glitter Eyeliners looked a little bit glittery for my office wearing ways but once applied are nothing like I'd thought. The silver glitter particles act more as a highlight than all out bling. Of course they can be built up & smudged for a more dramatic look but for now this navy baby is replacing my beloved Essence pencil. 
Lip stain swatches, the morning after the Evint! (Purposely not washed, naturally)
Finally from my press bag of pretty we have the Lip Stains in Persistent Pink & Berry Long Time. There's great colour payoff here. I'm not a huge fan of lip stains, having been let down badly by Revlon and a puckered mess by Smashbox but these I'm liking. The lighter pink two days later did seem a little dry but the colour is still very pretty and wearable. 

The fact that nothing in the range is over €3.99 is a huge bonus considering the quality of product for the price. I know I'll be picking up a polish or two when they hit the Pennés shelves. (wha? It's me!) You could easily fill a makeup bag for €20 and what girl doesn't want that kind of stocking filler, eh?

So what do we think, lovelies? Anything here catch your eye?

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Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

I love the warm brown tones of the eye shadow! x