Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Moments - 24/10

Jaypers the weeks are flying, wha? Let's dive right in shall we? My top five moments that make Monday suck it...

1. Cycle Safelyyyyyyy

(Yet another) Part of my job is to examine children cycling. I love it. As part of that I visit schools for their practical exam. Usually this goes without incident. This week, however, there was an over eager candidate, she was bursting to get going and not listening to a word I said. Off she blostered at a rate of knots and I knew it couldn't end well.

Reaching the 'roundabout' she misjudged her speed & went straight into the bushes, bike an' all! Now, of course, I ran to help while the whole class promptly fell over laughing. Worried we might have witnessed the birth of an Emo I pulled her out. She couldn't be controlled with laughter. Would have been rude not to join in, right? She calmed down and did it again. The thought of wild abandon on that's child's face has made me chuckle. All week long.

2. Give Ps a Chance

On Tuesday I was added to the Paramount Press list for blogging and reviews and such, awesome enough in its own right. Tickled pink I texted my Sis with the news: 'I've been picked for the Paramount Press list for premieres & previews! Piggin' brilliant!' immediately she replies 'Perfect, Pongratulations!'

So much love.

3. That's Gas, isn' ih?

Apparently God decided Ireland had enough of the blistering heat of the summer and thought it best to hurtle us straight into winter this week. It's not so bad, comfy cardis, wooly slipper socks and leopard skin slankets, these are a few of my favourite things.

I do dread, however, the turning back on of the heating! Casa Cherry is fairly new so insulated well & has little need of heat during the summer months. I put in the card fearing a €70 deficit but no! €27 credit, isseh?! Now, I know the next €50 credit will, in all likelihood, be inhaled by the hateful machine but for now? Chuffage, toasty, toasty chuffage.

4. No, No, Thank You!

Continuing on a theme of 'machines gone waild', coming home from a wine tasting event on Friday evening with a pal we were doing the Mrs Doyle & her mate act (10 mins in) about paying for the parking. I had €20, she had €10. She threw in the €10 but the machine must have heard the argument.

'It's not accepting it', 'It is', 'It's not, look there's the tenner', 'Well, eh, there's the ticket & 40c change, it says Paid!'. LEGGIT!! No we're not really that bad but come on, how many times does a multi storey pay you to use their facilities? Hmm? That's what I thought. Made 40c out of it. Winning.

5. Sorry, I was what?

It's not often people second guess me, well not vocally anyway but these past couple of weeks an issue has cropped up again and again. Suffice to say my blood was more than boiled when it seemed I wasn't being listened to. No, I don't have all the answers but some of them I bloody well do.

You know that moment when someone comes to you and shrugs because they don't want to say the words and all it takes is you to raise your eyebrows because they don't need to? Yeah, that. Hell, yeah that, Bitches!

Sooo, what's been going on with you lovelys? Apart from the ever awesome Shardinn getting engaged this week, what's the happy haps?


RiRi said...

Ahh how much I love reading your blog on Mondays, keep it up.

cornflakegirl said...

I love your Monday posts.

HeeHee at your sister's reply to you being added to the Paramount Press List. Congrats on that by the way.

DearHelenHartman said...

What a fun blog! Came over from Very Cherry World and glad I did.

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks so much girls!

Huge welcome Helen, delighted you're reading :D

S said...

Aw thank you for the mention!! xx I LOVE your Monday posts, they always cheer me up - your sister's reply made me burst out laughing, sisters are awesome, mine is the only one in the whole world who knows exactly what I'm talking about at all times! Congratulations on being added to d'list, much deserved!! xx