Monday, July 08, 2013

Monday's Moments: 08/07/13

Good morning, all. Monday again but if you're anywhere in and around Ireland or the UK that's a-ok because the sun is splitting the stones and is set to continue to do so for the duration. Yuss!

Kick ass weather aside, there's still been a bajiilion things that have brightened up my week and chased the Monday Blues away, despite battling the lurgy for the past 6 days. Wanna see 'em? 

1. BodyShop Barg

On my trip to the chemists to pick up lurgy meds I decided I might treat myself to the Vineyard peach shower gel as a pick me up. I had no clue there was a sale on. 

Turns out instead of €8.95 for one bottle of gel there was serious sale jiggery pokery going on and I ended up with this ha-yooge BodyShop haul for just €38! That's just good beauty maths. 

2. Parenting Made Easy

There are times when we're just dossing round Casa Cherry that I forget I was once a Mam to two weenchy babies just 18 months apart. 

This week I was approached by Easy Parenting to share some hints and tips that helped me get through those times and some difficulties and I couldn't have been happier to help. I'll be sure to link the piece as soon as it goes to print. It's amazing how easily we put aside life experience until it's called into question isn't it? We've come a loooong way, Gorgebags!

3. Silver Lining to Sickness

I'm afflicted with a condition that I've spoken about before, I'm an eternal optimist - it can't be helped! This week was a case in point when I was struck down with a ridiculous dose of chest/throat and sinus infection that literally floored me. 

There's an upside though, there always is. I got to spend the week at home with the lads just chillin', not only that but because my voice was gone I got a break from the phone too. Keeping up with work from my Boffice (patent pending by @3namc) meant that I still stayed on top of things. Gotta love the silver linings. 

4. Date Night, Just Me & My Dude 

A lot of the time the three of us will head out for an evening's gallivanting, if the lads aren't off gallivanting without me or I'm not at an event or work shindig. 

That's why it's a real treat when I get to have a date night with with either of 'em, just the two of us. This week saw myself and Adam snaking over to the centre for some quality Momma/Son time for eats and a movie. Both were epic by the by. 

5. London Calling

Adam snapped this pic on our trip in '09 (He was 11!)
Finally and probably most excitingly, London is indeed calling this week. I've packed up my mála for a very exciting trip that I'll be sharing with you next week. It's, without doubt, one of my favourite cities and I can't wait to get my tuckus over there. 

In the mean time be sure to keep an eye on Instagram and twitter as I'm sure I'll be snapping away and sharing some of the madness with everyone. LONDON, BABY. 

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues today then? 


Anonymous said...

Safe travels!!! Those itty burgers look so cute btw.
I had a crapper of a week last week, hoping with a new monday brings a new bit of luck lol xx

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

That's amazing news re Easy Living! No better bridie to give mammy advice with your two amazing sproglets :)