Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday's Moments: 15/07/13

Good morning, Monday, you certainly snuck up on me this week. In what was one of the most whirlwind, exciting and downright incredible weeks I've had so far, I'm hard pressed to pick just five Moments that stand above the rest. But I'll try: 

1. Team Smashbox Ireland, Reporting for Duty

Last week saw one of the most amazing opportunities come my way and when I say I appreciated it more than any other so far, the words just don't do it justice. 

On Tuesday, Smashbox flew Emma of Fluff & Fripperies, Laura Bermingham of TV3, Karen of Lovelygirliebits and little ol' me to London town to meet with their Global Pro Lead Makeup Artist and all round seriously cool chick, Lori Taylor. 

I'll have the full low down on exactly what went on this week, including a sneak peek at what's new for AW13, one of the nicest hotels & comfiest beds I've ever experienced and the so hip that it hurts restaurant that played host to our night of chats and LOLs. But for now I'm still shaking my head, partly in gratitude to the spot on Smashbox team, mostly in very fond memories of the whirlwind trip.    

2. There's No Such Thing As...

Once we'd arrived back in Dublin on Wednesday there was only time for a quick shower and I was back into town for a couple of meetings. The Sis was coming up to meet me for that evening as Frillseeker was launching but got a very nice phonecall on the train. 

Gary from Red Torch Ginger on Andrew St called to say she'd won lunch in their fab Thai restaurant and bar. The food was delicious (and excellent value even if we were paying) but the cocktails excelled. It was torture limiting ourselves to just a couple but we will certainly be back! It was a cracking stroke of luck to win and set us up perfectly for the evening. 

3. Get Ready for the Launch!

Wednesday evening saw anyone who's anyone (and that's everyone!) descend upon the Vintage Cocktail Club in Crown Alley to help launch, sing hallelujahs and generally show a helluva lot of love to Kirsie McDermott on her return to the Blogosphere with 

The three floors were crammed, wall to wall and it was standing room only but the beer was flowing and the atmosphere electric. I met people I've been chatting online with for years and some very cool ladies that read this here blog (*waves*) but I never get to chat to. It. Was. Awesome. That's just a testament to the type of gal that Kirstie is, I'm just hoping she remembers us when she's been driven around in the Pope Mobile giving us the Queen's wave!

4. The Nicest Natalie EVAR!

Something very, very lovely happened at that Frillseeker launch, possibly the loveliest thing that's happened to me to date. While chatting anyone and everyone, a gorgeous Gal named Natalie approached us (Karen, Emma & I). Shaking slightly she explained that she read all of our blogs and her Mam insisted that she come say Hi. 

All I can say is Thank you hugely Natalie's Mam and Thank You Natalie!! It's the most surreal feeling to have someone say they love your work but to have such a genuinely gorgeous girl tell all three of us that she reads and enjoys our ramblings?! I haven't stopped smiling like a loon since, I'm smiling now typing this. Natalie, in a week smothered in Awesomesauce, you're the cherry on top, truly!

5. Sweet 16

And finally, yesterday, Bastille Day saw this hunk of actual junk (AKA the youngest Gorgebag) turn 16. SIXTEEN YEARS OF AGE. 

I can't quite verbalise how proud/shocked/old that makes me feel but the thought that I've gotten this little charmer to mid teens and still in possession of all his limbs and all my nerves makes me a very happy Momma indeed. Happy Birthday, Chicken Chops, you'll always be my baby boy. *sniffles*

C'est ca, five incredibly good Moments that have meant I haven't had a minute to think about a Monday Blue. As Lori Taylor herself says 'My life don't suck right now'. 

Tell me, what's the Happy Haps with you this week? What's making you smile and keeping you sane? I'd love to know...


Anonymous said...

Chicken chops?! You have raised a tolerant son! :)

Unknown said...

I was too much of a weener to say hi to you gals!! I will the next time :) Smashbox looks fantastic!!

Georgina Barrow said...

Hi! This is Natalie's Mam :) You have no idea how nervous she was about going over to say hello to you all! And it was the cherry on her night!

Sue Jordan said...

Hahahaha, I laughed out loud as soon as I saw this Birdy!

I'm pretty sure the tolerance comes from the daily beatings I give him ;)

Sue Jordan said...

Ah Có!!! :(

It would have been fab to meet you in person but definitely next time!

Sue Jordan said...

Hi Georgina!

Thanks so much for commenting and of course for Wednesday night - I'm not exaggerating when I say it was one of the loveliest experiences for me (and the girls) so far.

Natalie's a gorgeous girl, I was thrilled to meet her. You must be very proud :D

Unknown said...

Georgina we were over the moon - we love Natalie!

Georgina Barrow said...

He, he, he, just spotted the top of my head over Nat's shoulders keeping an eye on things :) ;)