Thursday, 4 July 2013

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

I may be in my sick bed and I may have thought that my Jimmies would remain unrustled because of it - have they? Have they 'eck as like!

Here's the top things (and there's been many) reponsible for the rustling this week - Be sure to add your own in the comments - we're in this together, people!

1. Your Phone Battery on 20% by Lunchtime 
When You're Out for the Day

 photo Brave1_zps4fac4bf1.gif

2. People Stopping Dead in their Tracks 
When You're Walking Behind at Speed

 photo tumblr_mmcsorLbfP1r9osiwo1_500_zps6f286c1b.gif

3. Cyclists that Break the Lights!

 photo tumblr_ls90echqa11qhcrw8_zps44cf8945.gif

4. When the WiFi Refuses to Work!

computer rage gifs photo: Spock rage against computer gif spocksrageagainstcomputerp1.gif

5. Saving the Expensive Sweets for the Office and 
They're all Savaged Before You Get One

 photo tumblr_mavyunblrW1qck737_zps9fcfaf11.gif

And with that I feel a whooooole lot better!

Now it's your turn, consider this a circle of trust and release your Krakens in the comments. It helps - honest!

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