Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday's Moments: 22/07/13

What up, Monday, thought you'd sneak up on me this week, didn't you? Well, as ever I'm prepared!

Even though the sunshine looks like it's taking a hiatus, there's still Moments to keep me chipper - check 'em out: 

1. Sssssh, I'm trying to Creep here!

I'm relatively new to the Instagram game but it's quickly joined ranks with email, Twitter and Facebook as a favourite way to kill some time during the day.

Unfortunately they've recently introduced videos to the platform and, while stalking peoples' pretty pictures in the office, I've been caught out several times with the noise of the shaggin' things! 

Thankfully, while moaning about my first world problem on Twitter, I was given a solution: You can knock off the instant replay in Instagram settings! My silent creeping continues...

2. So Grateful for a Guest Post

I've been suffering, pretty much all week with a lingering headache/migraine - I'm blaming the weather/hormones/the kitten diving from the top window/serious Jimmie rustling but it had left me wiped out in the evenings and in bed early every night (UNHEARD OF)

That's why I was beyond grateful to the ever hilarious Lauren from Birdy Begins for this spot on Guest Post on Tuesday. Not only did she save my blogging bacon - she also made me chuckle. That's like win/win. Cheers M'Dear!

3. Shopping My Stash

I've been spending the last few weeks of the heatwave admiring the beautiful sundresses on our streets and in the shops and bemoaning the fact that I'm briste and can't afford any. 

A lightbulb went off when I saw one that looked very familiar though (don't blame me, blame the migraine) and I remembered I had a bajillion (slight exaggeration) in my holiday clothes! 

They've now been taken out, aired/washed and ironed, ready for the blistering heat - that's quite possibly why the sun has done a disappearing act... soz about that.

4. Rockefeller for a Day

I know this happens once a fortnight 'round here but, sweet jebus, this Pay Day was a long time coming. 

There's nothing quite like the feelings of a sheckle or two in your pocket when your dinner the previous evening was dust and twigs. Now, if only I could figure out how NOT to blow the lot in 4.5 days exactly - that'd help. 

5. Date Night Mark Deux

And finally, evening up the Momma/Boy Date Night score since last week, myself and Aaron took a skite into town on Saturday. 

A 3 hour head scratching documentary (in the most disturbing way) and a belly full of grub later, we spent an hour or so sitting in the sunshine chatting about the lunacy that was The Act of Killing. It was pure bliss. 

And that's them, the Moments and memories that mean I cold drag my carcass from the bed this morning and face Monday fighting. 

Tell me, what's happening 'round your neck of the woods? 


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