Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My First Foray into Etsy: Bargalicious Bling!

For the longest time I've associated Etsy with handmade treasure trove and personalised prettiness in my mind but had never actually taken the time to log on and check out the bajillion Etsy shops and their respective wares. When a newsletter from the self billed 'World's most vibrant handmade marketplace' made it into my inbox though I was drawn in. (Yep, I'm a marketer's dream). 

You'll find anything and everything you can imagine from sellers worldwide but naturally I was drawn to the jewellery (It ALWAYS fits) and was completely spoiled for choice. I eventually settled on just two pieces from the same seller (BestQuality666) and was completely blown away when they arrived from Japan 10 days later. 

First up, this literally stunning neck piece with intricate detailing and chunky brushed gold effect chain. It's heavy weight and gorgeously bright with each of the glass settings cut to catch the most light. 

I've already worn this over a simple black t shirt and jeans and had 5 compliments within the first 30 minutes. I. LUB. IT. 

The only thing I Lub more? The price! This stunner set me back just €11.97 - for realsies.


Next are these beautifully intricate Summer bright earrings. I'm a fiend for unusual and unique earrings and these shell flower glass gem stone drops are no exception. 

Beautifully intricate and eye catchingly bright these set me back a mere €2.90, that's right, less than three euro. I would have paid up to ten times that. 

Aren't they dinky? Again I've been receiving so many compliments with these little beautys. They're so easy to wear and complement every colour featured (that's a lot) but also contrast against white beautifully. 

One word of warning when buying with Etsy that I've found though, both of these picks have already trebled in price from the same seller! I can only imagine that there's been a lot of interest so she decided to up her asking price and who can blame her. Because of this I'd advise buying a bargain as soon as you spot it - it's certainly what I'll be doing in future. 

Are you an Etsy fan already? I'd love to see some of your stash if so. If not you can peruse the prettiness here - I accept zero responsibility for melting Lasers by the by... (including my own). 

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