Friday, July 19, 2013

Upcoming Movies That I Can't Wait to See

This week the movie reviewing job goes over to Maaaaaa Cherry for today, so in it's place I'm going to give a list of three films that look AMAZING, and that I can't wait to see.

1. The Act of Killing

This film truly looks incredible, I first heard of it in another Vice spot about it that interviewed executive producers Werner Herzog and Errol Morris about director Joshua Oppenheimer coming to them and presenting the film. I expect The Act of Killing to be like the 'documentary' movie Cannibal Holocaust in the way that there's two ways people will look at it, 1 - as a schlocky gory grindhouse film, or 2 - as an insight into the world it portrays.

This film is the story of the 'hero' leader Anwar Congo of the Indonesian death squads of 1965-66 that were tasked to kill suspected communists, even down to just ordinary Chinese people. The story are told by Anwar himself, and in the trailer and Vice spot he said one of the most profound things I've ever heard, "War crimes are defined... By the winners".

I'll have a review of this up soon as Maaaaaa Cherry and myself are going to see it tomorrow in the amazing Lighthouse Cinema. If you have a couple of hours free, a STRONG stomach and definitely aren't a member PETA, check out Cannibal Holocaust, just watch it as a 'satire' of sorts on journalism, and definitely don't expect to finish watching it with any sort of (good, if any) feeling, and while you're on Vice's channel watch the interview with the Herzog and Morris, it's well worth the time.

The Act of Killing is out now.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

This film looks AWESOME, it's Scorsese, it's DiCaprio, and just listen to that song on the trailer. While I (ashamedly, I'm trying to right this wrong A.S.A.P) have never seen Wall Street, this looks so slick. DiCaprio's next film after playing Jay Gatsby perfectly will be so cool, and if it's anything like The Ides of March in the way of it being a smart, thriller like movie then I will ADORE it. DiCaprio looks as cool as James Bond, Jonah Hill looks to be on top form, Matthew McConaughey looks like he has finally become the actor he could be and is continuing his actual good acting streak, and it has (the perfect) Emma Stone so there is NO WAY I'll miss this one.

I haven't much on this film, which is the way I like it, just that I just know I'll love this and it will become one of my favourites.

The Wolf of Wall Street is released on the 14th of November in Russia, 15th in the US and is simply COMING SOON to Ireland and the UK.

3. The Wolverine

IT'S FINALLY HERE. This film looks like a Wolverine movie should, he heals properly, his claws go 'shnick', he has Berserker Rage, and he says Bub!! I'm not going to lie, I'm DYING for this. I vaguely know the story of Wolverine as a Ronan through mentions of it and an episode of the Anime series that I haven't got around to finish watching. The gist of the trailer is he gets his healing factor stolen (kinda like when he was shot in the head and Rogue grabbed his leg in X2) and he wants it back. I'm aware that in the story he has other reasons for revenge that I won't spoil, but this seems to be the focus so far.

For some reason, a big thing in this film for me is that if his healing factor goes, his knuckles should always be open due to the fact his claws cut the skin every time (it's alluded to when he meets Rogue in the first X-Men movie). From the way his hands are bloody in the trailer when he gets off the bed spell good things for me. This looks like it's going for realism and to be true to the comic/anime, so I'm unbelievably excited.

And if I see Deadpool in anything but red and black or if he isn't taunting Wolverine, making jokes or breaking the fourth wall I'll!!.. I'll!!.. ..nerd rage on the internet..

The Wolverine is released on July 25th.

So there it is, a list of only three of my most exciting recent upcoming films (if I did the whole list I'd end up never seeing them due to writing about how excited about them I am), tell me in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook about what films you're dying to see and I'll try see and review them,

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag


Unknown said...

Hadn't heard of the Wolf of Wall Street until now but it's definetley going on my list! Unfortunately our local cinema didn't get either of the 2 films I wanted to see recently "The Bling Ring" & "Behind the Candleabra". However, I did get to see the wonderful "Now You See Me" & I'm going to take the small boy to see "Monsters Inc. University" during the week! : )

The (sigh..) Eldest Gorgebag said...

Thanks a million, I'll have a look as soon as I can :)