Wednesday, 19 March 2014 Launch Plus Size Clothing

When UK retailer launched into the Irish market with the catchiest/most headwrecking jingle in the history of jingles (apart from Euro JAYSUS Cycles) the girls of Ireland rejoiced. Keenly priced and trend led led fashion was ours for the taking. Well some of ours. 

You see when it comes to fashion brands geared toward a younger audience or simply available online, I'm usually confined to the jewellery, scarves and shoes because, quite frankly, sizing is woejus for those of us with a little more to give, so to speak. 

Far too often, those of us over a size 14 are confined to drab, ill fitting versions of the size 6 offering and are charged twice the price for the insult but BooHoo Plus have quite pleasantly surprised me with this new line up - there's not a Homer moomoo or flat cap in sight. 

Wearable, flattering and, dare I say it 'On trend', this new Plus collection is definitely worth checking out. 

I have my eye on several pieces from the new additions but if these pique your interest you're going to have to be quick. Although the range only launched in the past week, some sizes have sold out altogether and you'll be facing a wait for restock. I've already been pipped to the post for the Victoria Woven Fronted Top (pictured below). That's a great indicator of initial reaction to a launch if ever I saw one. 

All I Want is Nothing More... Victoria Woven Fronted Top: €24
Now, as I've said, prices are very reasonable, which is unfortunately not always the case with plus size fashion - just a note though - when checking through the site, check both the UK & the Euro pricings as there seems to be a fair amount of disparity but not always. 

This top for example is £16 but converts to €24, yet others are £15/€18. I'll never understand internal conversion rates. NEVER. If you find your selections are cheaper in the Queen's Sterling then I'd Parcel Motel those suckers. 

The bottom line is this, there are genuinely some gorgeous pieces to be had from BooHoo Plus, my advice is to check 'em out sooner rather than later - link here. 

Tell us, are you chuffed with BooHoo's new move? Will you be ordering? 

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