Thursday, 27 March 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

It's Thursday, the day we collectively breathe in and in one hot flamey breath share what's been rustling our jimmies through our teeth and gifs, but mainly through gifs. 

Here's my top five this week: 

1. The Fact That There's a Light in the Drum of My 'Energy Efficient' Tumble Dryer

 photo giphy_zpse5607785.gif

2. The Entire World's OBSESSION with the Mediocre Movie, Frozen

 photo tumblr_mxh4i2zyUn1qdsm1jo1_500_zpscdc287ce.gif

3.  Bitchy Sales 'Assistants' in High End Stores

 photo tumblr_lpovvp7kNb1r1oft6o1_500_zps9fc8f0a5.gif

4. When People Continually Touch Your Fingers Holding onto the Pole on the Bus

 photo Alison-DiLaurentis-Dont-Touch-Me-On-Pretty-Little-Liars_zps55c30500.gif

5. 'If You're Nominated you HAVE TO 
do a #nomakeupselfie'

 photo fHMwZ_zpsa54c293e.gif

And c'est ca, I am once again restored to an unrustled state for the foreseeable 20 minutes or less. 

Tell us, what's been getting at you this week then? 

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