Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday's Moments - 24/03/14

Apols for a missing Monday's Moments last week, I was - as most of you were - chilling for St Paddy's Day. We're back in the saddle though and ready to look on the bright side through Moments of delight once more. 

These here are the five Moments that have well and truly chased my Monday Blues away: 

1. Belated Birthday Love

First order of bidness, giving thanks for being completely and totally spoiled for my Birthday on March 16th. 

Nights out and evenings in, flowers and love in abundance all that AND a Momma that had the foresight to give birth to me the day before an annual national holiday so while it was sleepovers at mine when we were younger, it's now ample room for recovery. Nice one, Maw. 

2. Set Your Lasers to STUN for Space NK

Admittedly it's the beauty junkie in me but this article from the Irish Times Business this week really did put a smile on my face. For too long now we've had to put up with only a snippet of Space NK goodness in Harvey Nic's, Dundrum, well it would seem we're in for a treat. 

The cult beauty emporium is set to open its doors on Grafton St and, while my Visa has gone into hiding, the beauty fiend inside me just can't wait for it to arrive. 


There are many reasons why I am a reluctant cat lady. Yes I love the little torment more than I ever thought I would but when it's just she and I and I'm trying to get stuff done? Fuhgeddabouditt. 

My Mam bought me this little pine table for taking pics and doing nails etc, while sitting as my back isn't the best of late. Thing is, Boo here, has claimed it as her own and anything, ANYTHING that goes on top is promptly pushed off as soon as I turn my head. She's a wagon. In her heart and in her soul. A wagon. 

4. Come Back, Sky, All is Forgiven 

I never thought the switching of television services would qualify as a Moment but I made the decision last week to go back to Sky TV and, seriously now, it's cheered my entire week up. 

We went with Horizon about 6 months ago and it was the worst televisual decision I've ever made. Plagued with problems, skipping channels, breaking picture and dropping broadband signal every 20 minutes, it's been nothing but a nuisance and save for Netflix, the TV has basically sat gathering dust. 

Why didn't I switch back sooner? Empty promises and refunds. Would I recommend Horizon to anyone, ever? Not even if you were the type of person that opens sealed nail polishes in Boots and swatches them on the stands. No. 

5. Five a Side - Stone Style

Finally a Moment that made me gasp, made me well up, then made me question my sister's mental health. @jordanstone4 AKA she with all the bebbehs went for her first scan this week and has announced that nipper number five will be with us in October!

Where she finds the energy (for the raising) I have no idea but Sis, I am absolutely and unequivocally over the blahhdy moon for you and your tribe. Your newest addition couldn't have requested a better party to gatecrash. 

And that's them, five Moments that are making my week. Tell me, what's the Happy haps 'round your way today? 


Unknown said...

Right, who missed me ? ;)

Ah the old upc - horizon complaint. got rid of upc telly just after xmas when I found csworld. not allowed probably say what it is but its freaking amazing. provided the net stays up.

Also bought an android box which is bloody brilliant too. As gadgets are plentiful in this household. well worth it, for anyone looking to buy one, i would suggest and there is a place that allows you to try out for a week to see if you like it. just make sure you get xbmc on it. dont ask what all this does but when you see it you will be very happy ;)

pissed off with the times and cineworld as I treked into town from boggerland into the big schmoke expecting my muppets tix. only to be told they knew nothing about them. needless to say this wont end well if I dont go see it 2moro night.

apart from that 8 teeth and someone finally sleeping, thank god and waiting on the raid 2 movie to break out, given the internet trailer looks the bombdiggy.

hope all are well

stonebabies said...

Delighted you had a great birthday sure why let the celebrations end there? Lets head wesht for a weekend!!!

I take it I need Space.NK in my life?!

I'm getting rid of Sky its such a bad signal down here & they want €100 to come out and slightly move the satellite. Not a chance we just got Eircom e fibre with the box right outside my house so hopefully it will be all good.
Thanks about new egg! Well after Cillian was born we can all now say we know a boy called Sue ;)

JoanieBubbles said...

Looks like fabulous birthday celebrations were had Sue. Had my own cat related Mondays Moment today. Our cat (Pepsi, aged 15) went awol on Thur, v unlike her and due to her age we thought she had gone off to meet her maker. Very sad house and Momma Bubbles was heartbroken.... until today! Got a text saying she was back safe and well! Mum found her at the school where she works so we reckon she was in at the engine of the car for heat, then got out of the car and realised she had no clue where she was. She was prob waiting around all weekend for my mum! She's back safe and well now and being spoilt rotten. To say my mum is happy is an understatement. Cats..... total wagons but we love them really!

Sue Jordan said...

Aw Joanie, that's awful AND wonderful!!

Delighted she's back home, even if they do put years on you ;)