Friday, March 21, 2014

The Friday Chattery

Holy Moly for a short week that was some week!

What's the plan for the weekend then? Hitting the town? Sleeping your face off?

Let's chat!


Felicity said...

Oooh, sleep. What's that then? I would love to sleep, but I have to be in hyper-vigilant helicopter muzzer mode. JOy of joys. I might get some shopping in, we shall see....

Breedao said...

Morning all, in work until 12 then I have to head into town for a meeting at 2 - should be fun as I haven't attended any of the previous ones nor seen agenda/minutes of - I drew the short straw as everyone else is on hols - oh well I told them fine as long as I don't have to say anything other than my name! And then I am free until April 1st!!!!! Baba is still breech but she has 3 weeks to shift herself and then it's c section - apparently the Rotunda don't let you deliver breech anymore??