Thursday, 20 March 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

The fact that I'm free from work this week means that my jimmies should have remained relatively unrustled. Have they? Have they HECK AS LIKE!

Here's JUST five of the things that have rustled my jimmies. Just five. 

1. Screw Off Lids on Bottles in the Shower

 photo giphy_zpsa6760100.gif

2. 5 Year Olds in Buggies

 photo giphy_zpsc87a9e05.gif

3. 'Will You Take a Selfie of Us?'

 photo giphy_zps1c4f8e59.gif

4. Listening to Holiday Plans When I have NONE

 photo tumblr_lseqvwMF3Z1qj74sxo2_500_zps07266041.gif

5. A Withheld Number Calling 
FOUR TIMES IN A ROW with No Voicemail

 photo giphy_zpsa3bde8e3.gif

OK, so spill, what's been AT you this week? Your jimmies couldn't have remained unrustled. Couldn't. Have. 

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