Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Thursday Chattery

Welcome to Thursday Peeps. 

What are we up to today? 

I'm off to the launch of MeMeMe Cosmetics this morning then back to resume binge watching The Good Wife - your day HAS to be more exciting than that, surely? 

Let's chat! 


Felicity said...

I have another expedition to Drogheda this morn (yippee!), and parent interviews this afternoon. I am informed I have to wear my bullet boots, disreputable jeans and one of my grottiest band T-Shirts (Guns n' Roses preferred)LIKE A BOSS. :/

Not 100% sure what that signifies, but I'm sure it must mean something!

Breedao said...

Morning all - what a change in the weather from yesterday - what's a parent interview Felicity? That's a new one on me! I was planning to watch GOT season 3 but the wireless router isn't working for some reason.

Felicity said...

Parent teacher meeting renamed to make the parents feel insecure from the get-go

Breedao said...

I thought you were going to say it was part of transition year! I feckin' hated them - I always seemed to get stuck behind some parent who would produce all the copies for that particular subject and proceed to go through them page by page - all I wanted to know was - are they doing their homework/behaving in class/any problems? Yes/yes/no thank you and see you next year