Tuesday, March 04, 2014

February Favourites 2014

Being one of the shortest months of year definitely puts February in my good books. That and the fact that both mornings and evenings are getting brighter. Daffs are springing up all over the shop and there's the slightest hint of heat to the sun when we get it. 

As Favourites go, February was a lot to so with a fresher approach to both skincare and make up for me, so without further ado - here be my February Faves: 

1. HealGel Eye: €40.33 w Free Delivery Here  

You might remember a while back we reviewed HealGel Intensive and were pretty amazed by the results on his scar. HealGel Eye, made by the same crack team of plastic surgeons and skincare specialists. You only need the tiniest amount of this aqueous gel patted onto your eye area to have an effect and boy has it. 

HealGel will tell you it's the duel action hyaluronic acid complex but I'm telling you it's jiggery pokery that has all but eliminated the tell tale dark line under my dark circles that rat me out after a night of House of Cards binge watching. The skin around my eyes is definitely more hydrated after 3 weeks use and I've found myself skipping under eye concealer & reaching just for a swish of highlight to see me through the day instead. Jiggery. Pokery. 

2. Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush: €7.50 Here 

I admitted my ineptitude when it comes to gel liner and the elusive flick in this Monday's Moments. I also revealed in the same post, however, just how much this revolutionary doohickey has done for me and my liner skillz. 

The tiniest silicone tip means that we're talking cork on your fork level natural lining ability to create a beautiful flick with much less effort and definitely less profanity than ever before. I've a second one of these bad boys stashed for precision nail art work. Inspired invention, Sam Chapman, Inspired. 

3. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: €19.50 Here 

I first mentioned my initial reaction to This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray here. That was only one night in and I can truthfully say that this natural sleep aid has changed the way I conk out through the week. 

A fragrant blend of lavender, vetivert, wild chamomile and witchcraft, I have yet to spray my pillow and not be catching deep and meaningful zeds within 10 - 15 minutes. I read reviews and didn't believe them. I used the product and didn't believe it. Several weeks later though with consistent results? This Works. I believe it. 

4. The BodyShop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil: €22 Here 

Staying with the sleepy sleepy snooze time theme, The Body Shop have struck silky skin gold with their latest release, the Overnight Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil. Relying heavily on Community Fair Trade Soya Oil and Wheatgerm Oil, this nourishing blend is just the right balance between oil & serum to leave your visage refreshed and appearing fully rested. 

There was a notable difference from my first use but within just 3 days my skin was nearing newborn baby's bum territory and led to several second glances from colleagues as I stroked my own face, Disney Princess style (albeit trapped in a cubicle shaped dungeon). If you're looking for some oomph for your nightly skincare routine, look to the BodyShop. It's so nice I almost justified the price comparison to our UK sisters (£12 v €22!!) *strokes face again to calm down*. 

 5. Bdellium Tools 776 Blending Brush : €5.57 here (RLL469 - Discount Code)

If you're a lover of a good blending brush or even just a fan of the smokey eye, you need this Bdellium brush in yo' life. Lauded as an affordable dupe to MACs much hyped 217, there's not a day since receiving this brush that I haven't reached for it. Not. One. Day. 

Although I was unsure at first, it seems the 776 just needed a little breaking in and, truth be told, I wouldn't be without this brush or its natural fibres and swishy ways again. If you pick up just one thing this month. Make it the 776. You won't believe your eyes. Literally.  

6. Paperchase Screen Cleaner: €5.50 Here

I picked up this cute little feller in Arnotts last week and he has quickly become a firm pal of mine. Just a tiny disc of cotton, I give my, consistently grubby, phone screen a quick wipe and he sticks back on to the back of my phone for next time. 

Admittedly I was dubious as to how gimmicky he'd be but it turns out the back of the disc is made with that not stick, sticky stuff - you know like the dashboard mats? I would have preferred a darker colour as he himself is looking like a grubster already but for handiness, ease of use and an ideal pressie to slip into someone's card? You can't go wrong with this little lion. 

7. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana: €62 - launches March 6th - More Info Here

Normally I won't include a Favourite that hasn't launched yet but I want ye to be on the lookout for this little spritz of Spring heaven when it lands this week. Dolce by D&G is the kind of scent that tells you spring has sprung. Neroli & papaya, blended with white florals (daffodil & Amaryllis) and musky base notes had me spraying Dolce liberally onto several of my scarves for the working week ahead. 

The bottle itself, clear to reveal the spring green coloured fragrance and topped with a pretty resin flower, an homage to Sicilian Confectioners and their use of the marzipan flower. Trust me on this one: Dolce = pretty, in every sense of the word. Check it out on the 6th. (Momma's will LOVE this one for their dressers. Just sayin')

8. Shiseido Lacquer Gloss RD305 Lust - More Info Here 

Launching this month, Japanese high end skincare and make up market leaders, Shiseido are bringing us 8 shades of Laquer Gloss, a sheerer, though buildable version of brand favourite Laquer Rouge. 

Shimmer & scent free with only the tiniest particles of micro glitter, Laquer Gloss in Lust frightened me in the tube in all honesty. I get panicky around reds. On application though my lips were transformed. Sheer hot coral can be built up for a non sticky, full on, vamped up red and I'm actually loving it. Several passing (complimentary) comments later and I'm sold. 

Keep an eye out over on Instagram as I'll be posting swatches of this and others before the full Shiseido SS14 breakdown later this week. Shiseido to me is grown up glamour and Lust has only reinforced that feeling. I do glamour me. 

9. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure: €33.97 here

The beauty world is alight with Hourglass and their Ambient Lighting Blush releases right now and that's not for nowt. These hybrid affect blushes, each hand poured work to bring light to your face that really has no business being there. 

A natural extension to last years Ambient Lighting Powders, each colour complements one of the previously released compacts and I can safely say, not owning one of them, this blush complements me too. 

I pre-ordered Mood Exposure and Dim Infusion from Space NK last month and, shocked that I received them two days later, Mood Exposure hasn't been off my face or out of my reach since. Benefit's Rockateur was my Holy Grail blush - Mood Exposure is what Rockateur's classier cousin would wear for fancy dinners in an Amy Huberman advert - for the same price(!). I've already bought a backup but get thee to a Space NK counter and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you. 

Tell me, what were you loving last month? Anything I should be checking out? 


Anonymous said...

Oooooooof that hourglass blush but <3

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

omg totally getting to a counter pronto to check out Mood Exposure if you love it that much! Still not seen the whole line up... sob!

With you on the Heal Gel love - adore everything from their range.

Nic x

Unknown said...

"A blend of lavender, vetivert, wild chamomile and witchcraft" - love it! I also couldn't agree more xo