Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday's Moments - 09/02/15

In a week of off the charts stats, pinch myself events & meetings and compliments on my beauty photography from Goddess, Marian Keyes, it was slightly difficult to pick out 5 Moments that rose above all others to chase away my Monday blues. I did though - 

1. Getting an Upgrade to 240mg UPC Broadband 
by Simply Asking...

2. A Fabulous Comment From Sharon 
That Explains Our Facebook Traffic Spikes!

3. We Cruelly Send Each Other Pics of Sunshine Hols When We Have an Upcoming Holiday in Work - A Pal Saved One Mail That Read 'Me, Next Month' & Sent it Back This Week with 'You, Last Month'!

4. Uncontrollably Laughing Like a Demented Sea Lion At @Makeup_Orlaith at an Event!

5. Managing to Give Aaron the New Hair 
He Really Wanted  (Pic HERE)!

So c'mom, what's making your Monday suck less than you thought? 


1 comment:

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