Friday, July 10, 2015

Inside Out - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About?

When 10 year old Riley moves to San Francisco, emotions Sadness and Joy get lost inside her mind after trying to save a core memory.

Any Good?

Inside out is one of the most original ideas for a "children's" movie from Pixar I've seen since I was a child watching Toy Story and The Lion King on repeat in playschool, and probably the one I most enjoyed since the former.

The characters were absolutely brilliant, my favourite had to be Sadness - a mix of Tina Belcher and Phyllis from the Office (who voiced her!). Her voice was absolutely perfect for the character, and fit so well with Amy Poehler as Joy who had AMAZING hair. All the emotions were brilliant, especially the father's Anger.

The adventure through her mind was clever and funny, with things like the Train of Thought which constantly got derailed, and a special cameo from my brother as Riley's imaginary boyfriend, while the real life parts were funny in themselves with the father being a total sap and the mother being exasperated with him.

The most original film I've seen all year, it's certainly better than any of the films Pixar has put out since 2010. Funny and totally emotional (ironically enough), and with a clear and universal message of "it's okay to feel how you feel, we all feel like that sometimes", it makes for a perfect addition to Pixar films like Brave, and I definitely recommend it for old or young.


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