Friday, July 24, 2015

Ted 2 - Movie Review

Who's In It?

, and Giovanni Ribisi

What's It About?

A year and six months after the first film, Ted finds out he's not counted as a person by the state and hires Samantha to represent him in his case to become a human.

Any Good?

I absolutely loved Ted 1, it may have been just been a bunch of Seth McFarlane jokes he uses for most things, but I really did like it and Ted 2 is similar.

This movie felt like it only came about because of the opportunistic events going on while it was being made - it referenced heavily on the equal marriage case in America by having the film seem to center mainly on Ted trying to prove that just because he isn't a man his marriage is still valid, but the whole deeper meaning that seemed to come from this was not really expanded on. 

How to watch Ted 2

I love Mark Wahlberg, his parts in Entourage were brilliant and I found him (albeit unintentionally) hilarious in The Happening - and he seems to just work really well with Seth McFarlane. Amanda Seyfried made a good character to counteract the 80s pop-culture references which always drew a reaction from Ted himself. Patrick Warburton and Michael Dorn were great too, playing a gay couple gone to Comic-Con to mess with nerds while dressed as The Tick and Commander Worf.

Although not as good and without the rewatchability of the original, Ted 2 wasn't too bad of a movie to just switch off and watch. While it did have a few recycled Family Guy jokes that went on for too long as the usually do, Liam Neeson's scenes more than make up for that and show that for being a 60+ action star, the man has some serious comedy chops - like in this clip.


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