Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday's Moments ~ 13/07/15

Oh Monday you came up on us quick this week! As ever I'm taking just a moment to recognise the Moments from the week before that mean I'm not dealing with Monday Blues today (or ever):

1. You might remember me saying that Corrina (our Travel expert (my lovely Sis)) & I visit a different European city every year for the Christmas markets. It's been a tradition of ours for 12 years now (you can find details if you site search Christmas Markets over there <---). 

My phone pinged with a Whatsapp on Wednesday 'Would you consider Copenhagen this year?' - 'Sure, sounds good' I sent back before heading up to the shower. I wasn't even nekkid from the waste up when an email pinged 'Copenhagen Booking Confirmation from Aer Lingus'. She doesn't mess around does our Corrina! 

2. Since we've evolved the site to bring more of a personal touch to our posts I've been relying more and more on my Instagram (LINK HERE) to micro-blog beauty news, reviews and sneak peeks behind the scenes at events, press launches and upcoming products. I was thrilled so that this week I blew through 4,000 followers over there. 

It happened at the time that Instagram had a glitch so showed I had over 5k but that's since been righted and I couldn't be more delighted. It might have something to do with the year's supply of The Tan we have up for grabs, do you think? 

3. I've mentioned how things have been snowballing around these parts in the past month with national print, TV & radio interviews. I've been pinching myself at the amazing response and one tweet I got last week really was a big fat cherry on top. 

Savannah Grace of retweeted my interview with Pat Kenny & tweeted to say how much she'd enjoyed it. We got to chatting and it transpired that she's travelling the world with her family and documenting their adventures online. We're going to have proper chats in an upcoming post but isn't the power of social media an incredible thing altogether? Check Savannah's Insta for some serious travel inspo!

4. This weekend was given over, almost entirely to warming the house of the lovely +Emma Henderson of Fluff & Fripperies fame. Aaron and I ate, drank and were very merry with very good pals and good people. So much so that Aaron spent the cab ride home saying 'Aren't they all lovely?'; we enjoyed it so much that we missed entirely the following two events we were meant to attend. That's a definite sign of a good shindig. 

Thanks for a fab day and night and morning, Em! (oh and Lidl Ireland that provided the huge spread - I really should have eaten more of it!). 

5. Last but by no means least in chasing away my Monday Blues this week is the mail that popped into my inbox yesterday. We've been nominated by blog readers in the Blog Awards Ireland! Of course, in the grand scheme of things, awards are secondary to the craic we have around these parts together but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm hugely grateful to those of you that have given us the nod. It's truly, truly appreciated. Thank you. 

Tell us, what's going on in your world this week? 

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