Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday's Moments: 13/05/13

Hey what's cookin's, good lookin's? We had a little Monday's Moments break last week because of the glorious Bank Holiday but we're back! 

Wanna know what's chasing away my blues today? 

1. The Battle of Big Blue Horn

Edlest Gorgebag being a Gorgebag
Despite me spending the last 17 and a half years doing everything in my power to keep this child from harm he decided he wanted to put a great big stinking hole in his ear voluntarily. That I was just getting used to when he arrived home with the biggest, bluest horn earring you've ever seen - yep I felt a little ill when I saw it. 

Moment one comes in the form of him relenting and getting rid of the plastic horror (much to do with my fake gagging every time I saw it I'm sure). He's now sporting a much more respectable black button. I'm still not happy but I'm happiER. (Isn't he gawjus?)

2. Casa Cherry Plus One Kitty

It's a grainy shot but this little bugger will NOT stay awake!
Yep, I'm a dog person, unashamedly so but for months now the youngest bag of goegeousness has been haranguing me to get a kitten since he took such good care of the ginger runaway last year before we found his family. 

Enter this cute little blighter, he's as yet unnamed (we're thinking Pusswell Hobnobbington or Jenkins). He's such a ball of fur I may be won over, Adam is walking on air while Diesel is still unconvinced. 

3. Fingers. Of. Fire. 

Out for a few sociables on Saturday night with Himself we happened to drop into the Quays Bar in Temple Bar  just in time to see these lads. (The Kerry Boys I think)

To say they were incredible is an understatement - the roof was almost lifted from The Quays that night. Gotta love an unexpected treat like that. 

4. Sneaky New Sneakers

For weeks now I've been salivating over neon runners in the shops because I've taken up my lunchtime walking habit again. Lusting after something summery to replace my black Asics Keyanos for the 'warmer' months. 

Clearing out my room this week for the umpteenth time I decided to be ruthless and go through the bags of stuff instead of staching them out of eyesight as usual. That's when I stumbled upon these puppies! I must have them 3 year, brand new and completely forgotten  about. ACTUAL SCORE. 

5. Gutting the Crap Shack

Finally Moment five is closely related to four. We're having a shower installed in Casa Cherry this week (it's been like Angela's Ashes 'round here till now) and that gave me the push to completely gut the bathroom.. then my room... then the kitchen. 

It's been infectious as the lads have upended their room and the living room since. We were completely ruthless and the place is gleaming. It's such a nice feeling to come in to a sparkly home every day and it's so much easier to stay on top of it when it's sparse. If only I could bottle it so I won't be tempted to start slipping/buying again. House upkeep is hard, yo!

Tell me, what's been your happy haps this week... Hmmmm? 

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Kat said...

Kitteh is so ADORABLES. His white front demands a dickie bow.

I'm currently full of plague (sinus infection of doom) and heading off to the doctors this morning feeling sorry for myself. The bunnies are making me happy binkying around though :)