Thursday, 2 May 2013

Things to Make You Go LOL. Literally.

Right, back by popular demand is Things that Make You Go LOL. Literally. I missed one week - sheesh! 

Anyway - get your laughing gear ready because the LOLs are coming...

1. Because kids are freaks: 

2. Sage Advice for iPhone Owners:

3. Daniel Day Lewis Plays Obama. Image!

4. Jeremy Knows. 

 photo listen-to-me-you-are-flawless_zpsc1efef23.gif

5. Pronunciation Manuel 
(Prepare to lose hours AND a lil' bit o' pee on this dude's back catalogue)

And that's them, peeps, tell me, did they work? 

As ever do please share in the comments what's been making you LOL this week. That Pronunciation Guide was almost my undoing on Twitter. Should seriously come with a health warning. Kanye West especially. 

Happy almost weekend, everyone!

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