Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cherry Link Love for #BBloggers - Holy Grail Products!

How do, lovely ladies? It's time once more for some #CherryLinkLove. 

This week we're talking Holy Grail products, products you've used that you'll buy and use for as long as they make it and even long after if you can source it on eBay.

I'll kick it off with my post about HG products but I'm DYING to see what's floating your beauty loving boats. 

Guidelines for Cherry Link Love 
  • Link up one of your posts in your comment that best suits the topic
  • Be sure to leave your CherrySue follower ID so that I can backlink
  • Take a mo to check out the other lovely links
  • Share the love, by commenting on posts or tweeting fellow bloggers (we all know how great it feels to get a supportive comment.)
  • Pay it forward: By Rt'ing links or just spreading the #CherryLinkLove word

Since we've started this little love fest the blog's monthly views have topped 55,000 hits and continue to grow - with the most recent Cherry Link Love post receiving 10,768 hits (so far). I'd love to know if you're seeing a jump in your views but also and more importantly if you've found some great new blogs to follow. 

Looking forward to seeing your comments! 

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