Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Nail Polish Obsesh - Cheaper than Chips MUA

I have more nail polish than is humanly necessary, I know this. Let's just say if the nail techs backstage at Eurovision happened to lose ALL their polishes in one go I'd be able to replace them all - twelve times over. Does that stop me picking the polishy feckers up? Nope. 

Last weekend, having spotted an elusive Superdrug store in Wexford I was drawn to the new look MUA nail polish bottles - mainly because they are the actual hawk of a high end brand - can you tell what it is?

These dinky wonders are almost exact dupes for Essie bottles and at just €1.39 I had to pick a couple up. I've been fooled by cheap nail polish prices before though so stopped at the two that I fancied most. Bright Coral and Frozen Yoghurt. 

The amazing news? These polishes are absolutely beautiful on the nail. Frozen Yoghurt above is an exact dupe for OPI's Planks a Lot and a very close match to Essie's own Play Date. The creamy formulation applies like a dream and leaves a high shine finish in just two coats. 

AFTER two days wear!!
Bright Coral is just that, eye poppingly bright and almost identical to Essie's Geranium, again application is a cinch and here's the deal clincher (as if the price wasn't enough) These polishes laaaaaast on the nail. I managed to get 3 days from Frozen Yoghurt without so much as a scratch and 4 days from Bright Coral. Result. 

So what's the downside I hear you ask, MUA is exclusively available from Superdrug and as all of us Irish beauty lovers know, those stores are as rare as hen's teeth - because of this when you do get to a store the MUA stand is usually desecrated. Well here's the great news that I was completely unaware of... MUA ship worldwide! You knew, didn't you? 

I might just have ordered the rest of the collection from the site directly for £1 each! Delivery is a pretty reasonable £4.95, considering it's a butt load of polishes AND I got a discount of £3. My geansai load of polishes promise to be here in 4 days and I'll be sure to update you all when I try the rest. 

Tell me, are you a polish dupe lover? Have you tried any of these newly formulated polishes? 

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