Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday's Moments: 27/05/13

Oh hai, Monday, fancy seeing you here... Ready to have some Moments chase your blues away? 

1. Do I Know You, Doc?..

While at the hospital with El Papito during the week his normal consultant wasn't available so we saw another. I gave him the squint eye as soon as I saw him but couldn't place where I'd met him before. 

When we sat down though I had it. My cousin is a doctor in Cork University Hospital and he'd been at his wedding in Killarney last year. I had to say it and even though I left out that my distinct memory of him was drunkenly dancing on tables and offering to buy drinks, he still went beetroot red. Ah, Doc. 

(El Papito got a great kick out of that I needn't tell you).

2. Furry Friends

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that a new little fuzzball came to live in casa Cherry a couple of weeks back. 

I was a little hesitant to introduce him to Diesel immediately for fear of total carnage. That's why I'm thrilled to report that their the furriest of friends. Yes, D has a problem with the moggy getting the cushiest seat in the house and yes play 'cat and mouse' but they're getting along famously and we're thrilled!

3. The World is Your Lobster

This fine hunk of junk graduated this week, can you believe it? Because I certainly can't. I didn't let the mammy side down though and blubbed plenty through the ceremony just thinking about how far we've come. 

He's a handsome young devil (I know I'm biased) and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to tell him that his entire life is ahead of him, the possibilities are endless as long as he wants it badly enough. See? I'm sniffling again...

4. Snared. Caught Rapid. 

I've been keeping up with my lunchtimes walks in the park. I'm up to 9.5k a day, which kicks ass but have been relying on music to keep me going and my new Tinchy Stryder earphones. 

Little did I realise they cancel out ALL OTHER SOUND. So while hot footing it through the forest singing 'I wear your Granddads clothes, I look incredi-BULL' in my best baritone, it was only when a bewildered jogger passed me out WITHOUT headphones that I realised I'd been singing loudly. Scarlet!!

5. Just TELL ME

Finally, Moment five is unfolding as you read. Turns out I may be dating the most romantic dude ever but because we've been together for 8 months this weekend and because he's been working stupidly hard - we're away for a few days. 

He refuses to tell me where, only to bring togs and that it's 3.5 hours from Dublin. By the time you read this I'll be there, if it turns out to be Trabolgan, I'll also be up for murder...

So do share, what's the happy haps in your neck of the woods this week? Hmmm? 

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Kirstie said...

ah Sue. Even if it is Trabolgan, sure yizzel be together, righ?