Monday, May 27, 2013

Cherry Link Love for #BBloggers: Your Earliest Make Up Memory

Hi all, we're back following a quick hiatus last week and this time we've a little change to the set up to level the playing field for all. 

This week we're talking memories, specifically your earliest make up memory, it's always something I love to hear about from peeps that are as passionate about their products as I am. 

I'll kick off with mine, had to be when I was 12 or 13 and beginning to experiment with foundations until I discovered the Max Factor Pan Stick - what a glorious invention that was. I proceeded to cover my entire visage in this industrial strength goop until my Dad staged an intervention. 

Telling me that he couldn't hug me tightly with a face full of makeup... 

 photo tumblr_inline_mjqhbi4NaH1qz4rgp_zps8e1e7c74.gif

My Dad: blurring the lines between hugs and headlocks since time immemorial but you know what? It worked. I eased up on the slap and my skin thanked him for it, even if I never did...

So tell me, what's your earliest make up memory?  - You can leave a comment below with your memory, whether it be nicking your Mam's lippie or colouring your cheeks with chalk dust... 

Be sure to leave a link to your site too so we can all visit, I reckon that'll be easier for everyone to be involved this week, ja? 

Looking forward to reading 'em! 

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Unknown said...

I remember rooting through my mums handbag at the age of 8 and finding her Elizabeth ardens Foundation you know the one in the palette. I thought my birthday came on that day I dug my fingers in and covered my face with it then i covered my dollys face too so she matched up with me. When i ran to the mirror I screamed I scared myself because her foundation was like 10 times too dark for me lol it didnt scare me away from makeup though :) :)