Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perfect Facial for Pigmentation from Dermalogica at Nu Essence

A couple of weeks back I had the very real pleasure of popping by Nu Essence on South Anne's St, Dublin as a guest to trial one of their bespoke Dermalogica facials. Bespoke in that the treatment begins with a Face Mapping session that identifies not only your skin type but your skins needs and the best course of action for its care. 

My primary concern was a recent onset of pigmentation across my forehead and cheeks and within the first five minutes Julie, my Dermalogica expert for the treatment got right to the source of the problem. 'How long have you had this issue? she asked, 'About 7 months', 'What's changed in the past seven months then?, 'I started to take the pill'. 

Julie made it very clear that she wasn't a doctor but having the experience and training that she has in her field, she's well able to make some assessments with ease. Apparently the contraceptive pill (Yasmin in my case) tricks the body into believing it's pregnant and, as such, produces increased hormones, which can (and has in my case) results in an increased level of melatonin. Because of the recent sunshine, that melatonin has reacted, tried to protect the skin of my visage and resulted in the patchy pigmentation that has been plaguing me. 

Q&A session out of the way, Julie got to taking a good hard look at the skin on my face, neck and decolletage and came up with her prescription facial to meet my needs. It involved Dermalogica's Cromawhite products on the whole with Pre Cleanse, Daily Defense SPF, Serum and Intensive Moisture Balance. 

The treatment itself was two hours of pure bliss (bar the extractions, but that's a necessary evil). My skin was double cleansed at every change of products and Julie quietly and assuredly talked me through every step. 

Included in that 120 minutes, during which I noddled once or twice was a perfectly pressured neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. I was fairly certain I'd be heading home like Monty Burns after his treatments in The Simpsons. 

To the crux of the matter though: what about the pigmentation? How about a little before and after shot, eh? Completely make up free? (be kind) 

'I bring you looove'
It's very clear to see the difference from just this treatment. Julie made it very clear that any permanent change in the appearance of my skin would take sustained treatment, using the same Dermalogica products (or just coming off/changing the shaggin' pill) but for a two hour session, I was pretty blahhdy stoked. 

There has been a marked improvement in the appearance of the pigmentation and even a chance encounter with my brother where he asked 'What's up with your head?' wasn't enough to make me as conscious of it as I was before. 

Admittedly I haven't continued the Dermalogica Cromawhite treatments but that's a lot more to do with trialling a bajillion other products than it is my 100% belief in Julie's work. 

Bespoke Dermalogica facials start at €80 (consultations are free) in Nu Essence and, if just for the massage alone, I'd urge you to treat yourself. I know I'll be doing so again. 

Tell me, what works for your pigmentation? Or even more interestingly, have you had unexpected side effects with your pill? 


Unknown said...

Wow!!! You look amazing, like airbrushed almost. I wish we had something like that here. I would definitely save up to get some treatments done.

Art Donatella said...

Wow, the results you got are awesome, and f.y.i., your complexion looks blahdy amazing and clear, if only I was that lucky! x

DublinJo said...

Your skin looks amazing! Is the treatment you had 80 euro? Just wondering because you say facials start at 80. 80 for 120 minute treatment would be good value ok

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! Wish I could find somewhere in the midlands doing this. Dianette for acne has my face in a desperate way despite factor50. I look like I have a moustache!

Unknown said...

Wow the difference is immense, nice to go somewhere where they know what they are doing!! Looks and sounds great!!

Sana said...

OMGGG!!!!!!! What a remarkable difference you got <3 No doubt dermalogica facials worth a try xoxo

S said...

Jesus, that's a serious difference! It sounds like a brilliant treatment, talk about instant results.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a difference!! I have the exact same problem, am getting laser treatment soon to try sort it out. But maybe should tried this first. I've had microdermabrasion done at Nu Essence, the girls there are fab!

Donna Hennessy said...

That is some difference! Is that only after one treatment?
I got this pigmentation last year on my forehead after a sun holiday and it's back this year and spreading. Good to know there is such a treatment. I must find out if it is available in Cork.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a difference! If it's the pill that's causing that I'd go and change to another one or get the implant in your arm, or the 3 monthly injections.
But that really is an amazing before and after. You must've felt fantastic after it.

Unknown said...

OMG thats a HUGE difference! WOW you must be delighted! Why would anyone want to take the pill if you get pregnancy symptoms lol! x

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

The difference is incredible!! You gotta love the girdles in Nu Essence, I'll deffo be recommending this to my pals who suffer with pigmentation.

Swit swoo cherry sue ;)