Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Oh hai, Friday EVE, how have I managed to get as far as you with my Jimmies as Rustled as they have been? Hmmm?

Let's try to redress that sitch, shall we? 

1. Trying to Figure out what I get for the 
TV Licence Fee

 photo CZrkIrC_zps6d6f6c68.gif

2. 7 hour A&E Waits

 photo Dying_middle_finger_zps836cbd43.gif

3. People who sniffle for an entire conversation 
then try to kiss you goodbye

 photo JBOwoNS_zps1cfc1e48.gif

4. Seeing great twitpics and instagrams 
of events I'm missing

 photo 1n1cVmu_zpsdce9f1ff.gif

5. Entire Sale racks only having size 6s left!

 photo ZcTjGdB_zps0e159638.gif

Lordy, that feels better - I could have gone on for at least ten Jimmie Rustlers this week but I wouldn't do that to you. 

Tell me though, what's been getting your goat this week? It's cathartic to share - seriously...

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