Friday, March 21, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent - Movie Review

Who's in it?


What's it about?

In what can be seen as a companion piece to L'Amour Fou (2010), Yves Saint Laurent gives an insight into the turbulent behind the scenes relationship between YSL and Pierre Bergé, his partner in love and business. Spanning four decades we see Saint Laurent first as the nervous, aspiring designer taken under the wing of Dior and thrust into the limelight upon his death in '57. 

The following 106 minutes are a voyeuristic peek inside the times of an intrinsically flawed man and a creative genius ~ We're shown the hedonism & counter restrictions that shaped him into the icon he became and the Saint Laurent House into the mecca it remains. 

Any Good?

While it won't make many ripples outside beauty/fashion circles, this glimpse into the life of one of our times greatest fashion visionaries is a feast for fashion loving eyes. Overseen and approved by Pierre Bergé himself, the movie, narrated with Bergé's words plays like a eulogy to the love of his life, Yves. 

Niney portrays such a convincing impression of YSL that it is rumoured Saint Laurent's dog mistook him for his lost owner while visiting the set - that makes me a little sad for the pooches sake, as this entire film does for Bergés sake. 

From young, neurotic Mammy's boy to full on narcissistic, self destructive, drug fuelled and tortured artist there is no doubt that this depiction of YSL is very close to already reported tales of his scandalous life. 

While those without an interest in the evolution of the luxury fashion house might tire of this tale very early on, those with the slightest sartorial interest will relish every single moment of this movie. 

Peppered with original design sketches, thought processes behind each revolutionary collection and petty squabbles over the initial FROW seating arrangements with famous fashion journalists in tiny Parisian rooms, I genuinely enjoyed Yves Saint Laurent. If you're reading this site and this review I can guarantee you will too. 

Yves Saint Laurent is
in Irish cinemas today. 



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