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June Favourites 2014 ft: Benefit, Cards Against Humanity, Image Skincare, Hourglass, Face D, Roger & Gallet and Spotify

Oh ma ma ma,oh, ma ma ma,oh, ma ma ma 

My July!
Oh June you were a good one where beauty and shenanigans were concerned. You even managed to kick ass on the weather front too, nicely played. Your time is done though as we're now in July but let's reflect on the favourites you brought into my life, shall we?

1. Cards Against Humanity £20 Here

You know those strange people that have an eight pack instead of a six? Well I'm one o' those following a night playing Cards Against Humanity with la Familia. The most offensive game known to man, played in the most offensive way known to ANYONE, CAH had all five of us Muttley laughing for a solid 2 hours as we tried to outdo each other in shock value. This was just one hand Aaron played to me. Get this game. Get it and go to Hell with us. Laughing. 

2. Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator 
1 Minute Treatment €3.53 Here

The quality of this budget hair treatment well belies it's weenchy pricetag. Part of the larger Garnier Ultimate Blends collection, that I've used every single one of, this Argan oil and cranberry extract 1 minute treatment smells INcredible and works like a pro to boot. 
For use just twice a week for a minute each time, I've replaced this twice now as, although it's designed to give coloured hair shine - the Gorgebags are using it by the fist full for the delicioso smell alone. It's a keeper. 

3. Image Skincare Iluma Intense Lightening Serum €35 Here

A newbie to Image and their many skincare ways, I was delighted to learn more about the brand last month. To say my socks were blown off with 'the science bit' is an understatement. Happy in the knowledge that Image knew what was what I began using Iluma Intense Lightening Serum that very night. 

While the smell is slightly overpowering (like an intense suncream scent), the product is Holy Cow this is Holy Grail level gorgeous. My skin was instantly softer, felt plumped and nourished but within 3-5 days I noticed changes. Glowy changes. My pigmentation is no longer as pronounced and skintone just seems more even. I've had several compliments about my skin glowing and this little buidéal is entirely to blame. I swear. 

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette £56 Here

If you're a beauty lover/obsessive, you need no introduction to the Hourglass palette. Cruelly teased with a limited edition release last year, the world promptly lost its shizz once it was discontinued so Hourglass did the daycent thing and made it permanent this May. 

Made up of 3 infused skin finishing powders, witchcraft and wizardry, this photoshop in a palette is easily one of my most loved beauty products to date. I KNOW. I hadn't believed the hype but this is 'Double take at yourself in every reflective surface' sensational. 

The gorgeous Sinéad of Viva Adonis fame advised that I swirl all three colours together for each use instead of just choosing one. I'm currently petitioning the government to have a holiday named after her as thanks. Happy Sinéad's Day, Bishes, we all look FABULOUS. 

5. Face D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Cream Serum €29.99 Here

Psst check out your chance below to win one of three of these babies!!

It warms my instant gratification cockles to see 'Instant Effect' written on any beauty product though the Grinch like skeptic in me is always wary. When Face D's cream serum landed on my desk I was cautious to say the least but one look at the ingredients meant we might just be on to a winner. 

3 hyaluronic acids with 3 different molecular weights are combined in this gel like, non greasy cream. The higher weight packing the instant brightening and plumping punch with the lighter ones working at a deeper level to bring sustained change to the skin. The instant softness I get from this serum is incomparable. I keep it on my work desk for a quick pick me up in the afternoon and it works a treat. In yo' face, 3pm slump! (I'll have to report back on long term changes).

6. Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset Polish €6.95 Here

My love for this soft peach corally creme was reignited at a recent Sally Hansen event. This mani lasted 5 whole days, unheard of for me, even WITH passport searches and garnered not only compliments but glances too. 

I have a bit of a grá for muted shades in the summer months and Tahitian Sunset has rocketed back into my top polish picks as of last month. 

7. Spotify

Yes, I'm very late to the Spotify game but I can't tell you how good it is to have music back in my life again. One of the things I miss most about driving is heading out with the radio blaring - it's also one of the reasons I've decided I need a car again sharpish - it's called LOGIC. 

I've managed to follow some pretty cracking playlists but not yet managed to make daycent ones myself. Imma recommend the San Lorenzo Lunch list first off in terms of eclectic awesomness and also my dear old Bro Rob Jordan, mainly because he has his Spotify shizz together. Do please lemme know who else I should be following! #addicted

8. Benefit Big Easy Complexion Perfector €37 Here

Ever the lover of faff free products, Benefit's Big Easy is a stand out of the year, so far, for me. The liquid to powder formulation claims to self adjust to your skin tone, balance and perfect oily skin and protect from UVA and UVB (Factor 35 no less!). I'll agree, wholeheartedly on the oil balancing and warn ye dry skinned ladies away with a vengeance - oily to normal skinned lasses though? You gotta try this. 

With only slightly more coverage than a BB, this base lasts me the whole day through with only slight touch ups as needed. I do use a primer underneath as the powder consistency threatens to cake but the velvety smooth result is 100% worth it. You'll find Big Easy in 6 shades but they're Irish lass friendly, so porcelain skinned beauts will love it. €37 might seem spendy but grab yourself a sample when next chatting to a Benebabe and tell me you don't love it. I dare you.  

9. Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier 
Ultra Nourishing Oil 
€26.95 Pharmacies Nationwide

You know when you love a product so instantly and so intensely that you know it's going to be a standout of the year for you, even though we're only half way through? That's what Fleur De Figuier Ultra- Nourishing Oil is to me. And then some. 

Read my full review here but know that I've since bought two spares and with the slightest whisper of discontinuation, I'll be buying crates. I like it a LOH. 

Tell us, what were you lovin' in June? 

If you can get the gickball that is Google+ comments to work do please leave links to your June Faves posts and vids too - I love to have a nosey. 

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