Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Wednesday Chattery - Should You Ditch Certain Beauty Products in Your 30s?!

Happy Hump Day, All, how are we holding up? 

We haven't lost anyone in that creepy ass mist have we? 

This morning I wanted to touch on a subject, raised in a post that Lauren Conrad shared yesterday titled: 

'10 Beauty Products You Should Definitely Ditch By Age 30'

In this tosh filled feature, Byrdie wax lyrical about what we should leave in 'the learning period of your 20s'. Things such as:

Fruity Body Sprays - Eh, HELLO Fleur de Figuier is one of my favourite scents of ALL time!

Coloured Mascara - You best believe I couldn't afford my favourite Guerlain coloured mascara in my 20s.

And Shimmery Bronzer because, apparently:

'A little shimmer may have made you look sun-kissed back in your 20’s, but it’ll just draw unwanted attention to areas you’d rather not highlight now.'

Areas I'd rather not highlight now?! What are we - destined for the glue factory and barely in our third decade?! Christ, give me patience for this ageist internet white noise bullshit. 

Look, I know it can be tough to come up with original content day in and day out but there's a healthy dose of COP ON needed over in camp Byrdie. STAT. 

For the record my comment (because I had to comment) read: 'Sorry, Byrdie but this is complete tosh. I'm 36 & the urge to wear every one of these things simultaneously just because I 'shouldn't' is quite overwhelming. That's the thing about being in your 30s as opposed to your 20s - you do what makes you feel good and not what's expected of you. Vive la resistance!

Tell me though, do you agree, even in part, with Byrdie's advice? Are there things we should be leaving in our 20s? 

If you're in your 20s, what do you think? 

Let's Chat!

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